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[po-debconf] Re: apt-listdifferences 1.20130825: Please translate debconf PO for the package apt-listdifferences

On Mon, 7 Oct 2013 07:14:30 +0200
Christian Perrier wrote:

> Please send the updated file as a wishlist bug
> against the package.
> The deadline for receiving the updated translation is
> Monday, October 21, 2013.

#: ../templates:2001
msgid "Initialize the apt-listdifferences source packages database now?"
msgstr ""
"apt-listdifferences のソースパッケージデータベースをここで初期化しますか?"

#: ../templates:2001
msgid ""
"The source packages database for apt-listdifferences can be initialized now. "
"Depending on your Internet connection, this may take a while, but it will "
"also provide immediate functionality for the tool."
msgstr ""
"apt-listdifferences 用のソースパッケージデータベースをここで初期化できます。"

#: ../templates:2001
msgid ""
"If you do not choose this option, apt-listdifferences will instead become "
"functional slowly over time as more and more reference source packages get "
"added to its database when they are first seen."
msgstr ""
"このオプションを選択しない場合、apt-listdifferences は基準となるソースパッケー"

#: ../templates:3001
msgid "Remove the apt-listdifferences source packages database?"
msgstr "apt-listdifferences のソースパッケージデータベースを削除しますか?"

#: ../templates:3001
msgid ""
"The apt-listdifferences source packages database is currently still present "
"on disk.  You can save a lot of space by removing it now, but if you ever "
"plan to reinstall apt-listdifferences, the data will need to be downloaded "
msgstr ""
"apt-listdifferences のソースパッケージデータベースが現在ディスク上にまだ存在し"
"ます。ここで削除すると大きな容量を節約できますが、apt-listdifferences を再イン"

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