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apt-listbugs 0.1.11

#: apt-listbugs:324
msgid "E: APT_HOOK_INFO_FD is undefined.\n"
msgstr "E: APT_HOOK_INFO_FD が定義されていません。\n"

#: apt-listbugs:329
msgid "E: APT_HOOK_INFO_FD is not correctly defined.\n"
msgstr "E: APT_HOOK_INFO_FD が正しく定義されていません。\n"

#: apt-listbugs:335
#, python-format
msgid "E: Cannot read from file descriptor %d"
msgstr "E: ファイルデスクリプタ %d から読み込めませんでした"

#: apt-listbugs:349
msgid "E: apt Pre-Install-Pkgs is not giving me expected 'VERSION 3' string.\n"
msgstr "E: apt Pre-Install-Pkgs は期待した 'VERSION 3' をあたえてくれていません。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:50
#, python-format
msgid ""
" -s <severities>  : Filter bugs by severities you want to see (or \"all\")\n"
"                    [%s].\n"
msgstr " -s <重要度>      : 閲覧したいバグの重要度 [%s] (もしくは [all])。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:51
msgid " -T <tags>        : Filter bugs by tags you want to see.\n"
msgstr " -T <タグ>        : 閲覧したいバグのタグ。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:52
#, python-format
msgid ""
" -S <states>      : Filter bugs by pending-state categories you want to see\n"
"                    [%s].\n"
msgstr " -S <状態>        : 閲覧したいバグの保留状態 [%s]。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:53
msgid " -B <bug#>        : Filter bugs by number, showing only the specified bugs.\n"
msgstr " -B <bug#>        : 指定したバグ番号にレポートを制限する。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:57
#, python-format
msgid " -P <priority>    : Pin-Priority value [%s].\n"
msgstr " -P <priority>    : Pin-Priority の値を指定する [%s]。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:58
msgid " -E <title>       : Title of RSS output.\n"
msgstr " -E <title>       : RSS 出力のタイトルを指定する。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:60
msgid " -C <apt.conf>    : apt.conf file to use.\n"
msgstr " -C <apt.conf>    : apt.conf を指定する。\n"

#. TRANSLATORS: the following six strings refer to a plural quantity of bugs
#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:76
msgid "Outstanding"
msgstr "未解決バグ"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:77
msgid "Forwarded"
msgstr "フォワードされたバグ"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:78
msgid "Pending Upload"
msgstr "アップロード保留中のバグ"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:79
msgid "Fixed in NMU"
msgstr "NMU により修正されたバグ"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:80
msgid "From other Branch"
msgstr "他のブランチからのバグ"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:81
msgid "Resolved in some Version"
msgstr "修正済みのバージョンが存在するバグ"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:209
#, python-format
msgid "W: Unrecognized severity '%s' will be ignored by the Debian BTS."
msgstr "W: 認識できない重要度 '%s' は Debian BTS により無視されます。"

#. TRANSLATORS: %{plist} is a comma-separated list of %{npkgs} packages to be pinned or put on hold.
#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:479
#, python-brace-format
msgid ""
"The following %{npkgs} package will be pinned or on hold:\n"
" %{plist}\n"
"Are you sure?"
msgid_plural ""
"The following %{npkgs} packages will be pinned or on hold:\n"
" %{plist}\n"
"Are you sure?"
msgstr[0] ""
"以下の %{npkgs} 個のパッケージがピン止め、または保留されます:\n"
" %{plist}\n"

#. TRANSLATORS: the dashes (-) in the following strings are vertically aligned, please keep their alignment consistent
#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:498
msgid ""
"     y     - continue the apt installation, but do not mark the bugs\n"
"             as ignored.\n"
msgstr "     y           - apt のインストール作業を継続するが、バグを無視にはしない。\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:499
msgid ""
"     a     - continue the apt installation and mark all the above bugs\n"
"             as ignored.\n"
msgstr "     a           - apt のインストール作業を継続し、上記のバグをすべて無視する。\n"

#. TRANSLATORS: this is a summary description of the structure of a table (for accessibility)
#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:632
msgid "The top row describes the meaning of the columns; the other rows describe bug reports, one per row"
msgstr "一番上の行ではその列の意味を説明します。他の行はバグ報告を1行に1件ずつ説明します。"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:638
msgid "version change"
msgstr "バージョン変更"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:657 lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:660
msgid "Relevant bugs for your upgrade"
msgstr "この更新に関係のあるバグ"

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