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[po-debconf] encfs 1.7.4-4

#: ../encfs.templates:1001
msgid "Encfs security information"
msgstr "encfs セキュリティ情報"

#: ../encfs.templates:1001
msgid ""
"According to a security audit by Taylor Hornby (Defuse Security), the "
"current implementation of Encfs is vulnerable or potentially vulnerable to "
"multiple types of attacks. For example, an attacker with read/write access "
"to encrypted data might lower the decryption complexity for subsequently "
"encrypted data without this being noticed by a legitimate user, or might use "
"timing analysis to deduce information."
msgstr ""
"Taylor Hornby さん (Defuse Security) によるセキュリティ監査によれば、Encfs の"

#: ../encfs.templates:1001
msgid ""
"Until these issues are resolved, encfs should not be considered a safe home "
"for sensitive data in scenarios where such attacks are possible."
msgstr ""
"こういった問題が解決されるまで、そういった攻撃の可能な場面では encfs を機密デ"

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