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[debian-users:22605] Re: jed でdel キーを使う方法

> On Sat, 27 May 2000 02:26:30 +0900
> "iwc" <iwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > JEDについて教えてほしいのですが、DELキーでカーソルの
> > 右側の文字を消す方法(WINのDELの機能)がわかりません。


  x_set_keysym (0xFFFF, 0, "\e[3~");
setkey ("delete_char_cmd", "\e[3~");

とでもしてください。.jedrc で。


Delete Key:

   Once every month or two, someone sends me a patch for ``fixing''
the delete key.  The patch usually involves changing the escape
sequence associated with the DELETE keysym (0xFFFF) from "^?" to
"\e[3~".  The reason for the patch is to get the key labeled DELETE to
delete the character at the cursor and not the previous one.  However,
this solution creates as many problems as it solves because on many
systems, the BACKSPACE key also sends the DELETE keysym and the patch
would create havoc on such systems.  This is another manifestation of
the backspace vs delete debate.

   If you are sure that your X Windows server distinguishes between
the backspace key and the delete key, then you can get your delete key
to delete the character under the cursor by putting:

    x_set_keysym (0xFFFF, 0, "\e[3~");
    setkey ("delete_char_cmd", "\e[3~");

in your .jedrc file.


菊谷 誠(Kikutani Makoto)  g@xxxxxxxxxxx or kikutani@xxxxxxxxxx