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[debian-users:25147] Re: What happened with locale support?


Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 05:20:34AM +0100 において
Christian Kurz さん曰く:

> On 00-11-10 Michael Meskes wrote:
> > I know Ben said something will change but I do not exactly remeber what. And
> > locale support definitely does not work anymore for me since installing
> > libc6 & locales 2.1.97-1. IIRC I have to enable my locale somewhere, but
> > where?
> No, that's not right. Only in locales 2.2-1 where you also need to
> install i18ndata. From this version you, you have to enable the locales
> that you want to have in /etc/locale.gen and then call a separate
> program (locale-gen) to generate those locales for you.

 ってことらしいので、今Woodyに入ってるlibc6 2.2-1を使う時は

  1. /etc/locale.genの"#ja_JP.EUC-JP EUC-JP"な行のコメントをはずして
  2. rootユーザでlocale-genせよ


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