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[debian-users:32024] Re: play mpeg

tyuu です。

On Sun, 10 Mar 2002 13:58:18 +0900
藤森 康文 <fuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ~$ apt-cache search "\b[Aa][Vv][Ii]\b"

apt で正規表現が使えるとは。
xanim だけしか出てきませんでした。
# potato だから?

$ apt-cache search "\b[Aa][Vv][Ii]\b"
xanim - Plays multimedia files (animations, pictures, and sounds)
xawtv-tools - Miscelaenous tools distributed with xawtv
xanim-modules - Installer for xanim binary-only modules
gxanim - GTK frontend to xanim

$ apt-get install xanim

$ xanim 01.avi 
XAnim Rev 2.80.0 by Mark Podlipec Copyright (C) 1991-1999. All Rights Reserved
comp 44495658 44495658 44495658
AVI Video Codec: Unknown DIVX(44495658) is unsupported by this executable.(E18)
  AVI Audio Type Unsupported
  AVI Notice: No supported Video frames found.

なんだか support されてない感じ。


by tyuu.