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[debian-users:33344] Re: Virtual PC じょうで、 Xwindows が立ち上がりません。


Video Card Configuration
Virtual PC emulates the S3 Trio 32/64 PCI video card. This video card should be specified for programs that require manual

という説明が載っています。Installing new OS (英語版なので)。


Sound Card Configuration
Because of the variety of sound cards available for the PC, many DOS applications require that you manually specify the sound card
settings when installing or configuring the DOS application for the first time.

If a PC program requires manual sound configuration, specify a Creative Labs SoundBlasterR 16 using Port 220, IRQ 5, and DMA
channels 1 (8b) and 5 (16b).

Sound Input
Virtual PC provides 16-bit, 44 kHz sound input through Sound Blaster 16 emulation. This means that you can use a microphone to
record sound directly into guest PC sound applications. Depending on how your CD-ROM drive is configured, you may also be able to
record audio directly from your CD-ROM into guest PC sound applications.

Ethernet Controller Configuration
Virtual PC emulates a DEC 21041 Ethernet controller. Regardless of the Ethernet hardware installed in your host PC, select the DEC
21041 Ethernet controller for use with the guest PC.

Note: In some cases, the DEC 21041 may show up on the guest PC as Intel 21041. These are equivalent Ethernet controllers.