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[debian-users:39409] Forward: Security Host Downtime

  security.debian.org 等をホスティングしている klicker.debian.org につ
いての説明が debian-news に流れています。ftp.rfc822.org でテンポラリな

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The Debian Project                                http://www.debian.org/
Security Host Downtime                                  press@debian.org
February 2nd, 2004              http://www.debian.org/News/2004/20040202

Security Host Downtime

Yesterday around 15:00 UTC we the host klecker.debian.org crashed.
Unfortunately, it didn't react on the serial console and to a remotely
issued power-cycle.

The following services are affected by this downtime:


    The public security archive.  As a temporary solution, please
    switch to <http://ftp.rfc822.org/debian-security/> instead.


    The public non-US archive.  As a temporary solution, please
    switch to <http://ftp.rfc822.org/debian-non-US/> instead.


    The public search facility for the Debian website.


    The public resources of the quality assurance (QA) team.


    The public resources for new-maintainership organising.


    The internal master website.  This means that no updates to the
    public webserver are possible until klecker is restored.

Our site admin will have physical access to the machine in the
colocation facility about noon tomorrow (February 3rd).  We hope that
the machine can be revived and that the affected services will be back
at the afternoon.

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