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[debian-users:44919] Re: 玄人志向ATA133-PCI2の設定


;; 該当 HW は持っていないのですが、参考情報程度に。

>>>>> In [debian-users : No.44911] 
>>>>>	"Norihiro M." <ryokkei@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  緑啓と申します。

>  玄人志向のATA133-PCI2を買ってみました。今時なら何もせずに認識
> してくれるのかと思ったら、そうでもないようで、悪戦苦闘しています。

CangeLog > from http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/ChangeLog-2.6.13
CangeLog >
CangeLog > commit da9091ee3b5f9808c64abb925cefe7b100018614
CangeLog > Author: Alan Cox <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
CangeLog > Date:   Mon Jun 27 15:24:30 2005 -0700
CangeLog >
CangeLog >    [PATCH] ide: it8212 backport for Bartlomiej IDE
CangeLog >    
CangeLog >    This lets you throw out the iteraid stuff that has ended up back in due
CangeLog >    to stupid goings on in the IDE world. Its the same heavily tested code
CangeLog >    shipped in Fedora/Red Hat products but without the other dependancies on
CangeLog >    the Bartlomiej IDE layer.
CangeLog >    
CangeLog >    Pre-requisite: the ide-disk patch I sent to handle pure LBA devices.
CangeLog >    
CangeLog >    Obviously you lose things like hot unplug with the Bartlomiej IDE layer
CangeLog >    at the moment but that won't matter to most users.
CangeLog >    
CangeLog >    The patch does the following
CangeLog >    - Add IT8211/12 to pci_ids.h
CangeLog >    - Add Makefile/Kconfig entry
CangeLog >    - Add it8212 driver
CangeLog >    
CangeLog >    No core IDE code is touched by this diff
CangeLog >    
CangeLog >    Embedded system testing and the ability to force raid mode off by David
CangeLog >    Howells
CangeLog >    
CangeLog >    Made possible by the ite reference code, documentation and also several
CangeLog >    clarifications and pieces of assistance provided by ITE themselves

という事のようですので、kernel 再構築を経験された事のある方なら、
kernel を 2.6.13 以降にするのが一番手っ取り早いような気がします。

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