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Fw: difference between "task" and "job"?


nm-step4 の task と job ですが、同じ意味で相互に置き換え可能

ところで、nm-step* は佐野さんがオリジナルの著者だと思われて
いるみたいです。cvs のログを見ると確かにそういうことになってる
ので、ふつうはそう思いますよね... (日本人の目から見れば、
nm-step* が日本人英語じゃないのはほぼ明白なんですが)
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Tomohiro KUBOTA said:
> I am now revieweing a Japanese translation of Debian web page,
> devel/join/nm-step4.
> The page has words like "task" and "job".  In Japanese language,
> there are no distinct words for these two words.  Thus, I don't
> understand the difference between them.
> Are these words used just by chance?  (In English class, Japanese
> people learn that English speakers like to use different words
> to mention one object when the object is mentioned multiple times.)
> Or, does the difference between them have some meaning?
> I guess "task" means four fields (or classification) of "jobs":
>  - Package Management 
>  - Documentation 
>  - Debugging and Testing 
>  - Infrastructure 
> However, I don't understand what "Alternative demonstration tasks"
> means.  Does it mean jobs which cannot be classified into the four
> fields and demonstration jobs to prove that the applicant can do it?
> Or, just some jobs which _can be_ classified into the four fields
> but the applicant wants to prove his/her skill in different way?

No wonder people hate learning English.  =)

The words "task" and "job" are not completely the same, but each of them
has several meanings and most of these meanings overlap.  In general
usage, a task is a single thing (like a step in a project) and a job is
an ongoing thing or a group of things (like an entire project or groups
of projects).  A job can also refer to paid work, ie employment.

After reading through the devel/join/nm-step4 page, I believe that in
the context of this document the words "task" and "job" are synonymous.
That is, every word "job" could be replaced with "task" and the meaning
would remain the same.  You are probably correct that both words are
being used alternately in the document so as to not sound repetitive.  

I don't know if the original author of the English page (sano) is still
around, but rather than do s/job/task/g in the English page I would
advise just doing it in your Japanese translation such that its meaning
is clear to you.

There are also mentions of 'task' and 'job' in devel/join/nm-step3 which
can also just be treated as meaning 'task'.


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