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[draft] MailingLists/HOWTO_start_list.wml



# 添付したファイルは原文つきになっていますが,チェックいただいた後,
# その内容を反映し最終的には和訳のみのものを送る予定です。


#use wml::debian::template title="メーリングリストをリクエストするには"
#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.13"

#E <P>The scope of this document is to help people establish a mailing
#E list at <a href="http://lists.debian.org/";>lists.debian.org</a>.</p>
<P>このドキュメントは、皆さんが <a href="http://lists.debian.org/";>lists.debian.org</a>

#E <p>All new mailing lists need to have these basic prerequisites:</p>

#E   <li>Basic purpose.
#E   This means that the topic the new mailing list would cover is appropriate
#E   for discussion on a permanent mailing list on lists.debian.org.
  新しいメーリングリストが含む話題は、lists.debian.org 上の
#E   Some discussions are better suited for simple mail aliases, and mailing
#E   lists for simple package maintenance don't need lists here, they can be
#E   done in <a href="http://alioth.debian.org/";>Alioth</a> instead.
#E   Needless to mention, vanity or offtopic lists will not be created.</li>
  <a href="http://alioth.debian.org/";>Alioth</a> ですることができます。

#E   <li>Interested audience.
#E   This means that requests for new mailing lists need to be based on
#E   a real need for a new, separate discussion forum, rather than on
#E   the whim of the requester. A modicum of audience is also necessary
#E   to avoid temporary or transient mailing list requests.</li>

#E <p>Once these two prerequisites have been obtained, a proper request
#E needs to be sent in as a <em>wishlist</em>
#E <a href="$(HOME)/Bugs/Reporting">bug report</a> against the
#E <code><a href="http://bugs.debian.org/lists.debian.org";>lists.debian.org</a></code>
#E pseudo-package.</p>
<p>いったんこれら 2 つの必要条件が満たされたなら、
<code><a href="http://bugs.debian.org/lists.debian.org";>lists.debian.org</a></code>
疑似パッケージに対する<em>wishlist (要望)</em>として
<a href="$(HOME)/Bugs/Reporting">バグ報告</a>に

#E <p>The following information is required in the bug report:</p>


#E    <dt><strong>Name</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Name (名前)</strong></dt>
#E    	<p>Please choose a descriptive, short and unique name.</p>

#E 	<p>Please note that every list name needs to be prefixed with a
#E 	unique string, most commonly <code>debian-</code> for lists related
#E 	to the Debian Project.
 <p>すべてのリスト名は、ユニークな文字列 (最も一般には、Debian プロジェクト
 と関係したリストのための <code>debian-</code>) を前につける必要がある点に

#E 	<p>Lists for external projects don't need a prefix, as they will be
#E 	created as <code><var>listname</var>@other.debian.org</code>.</p>
 <p>外部プロジェクトのためのリストは <code><var>listname</var>@other.debian.org</code>

#E 	<p>Words are separated with a dash, "-", so for example a list about
#E 	"Foo bar" in relation to Debian would be called debian-foo-bar.</p>
 <p>単語はダッシュ ("-") で分離されます。ですから、例えば Debian に関する
 "Foo bar" についてのリストは debian-foo-bar と呼ばれます。</p>

#E    <dt><strong>Rationale</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Rationale (論理的根拠)</strong></dt>
#E 	<p>Full explanation on why do you want this list be created.</p>

#E 	<p>The listmasters reserve the right to ask for consensus on
#E 	debian-devel and / or debian-project lists first.
#E 	If you are aware your request is questionable, you can speed up
#E 	the process by discussing the matter even before filing the bug.</p>
 <p>リストマスターは、最初に debian-devel および / あるいは  debian-project

#E    <dt><strong>Short description</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Short description (短い説明)</strong></dt>
#E       	<p>This is the one-line description, for display in list indices,
#E       	so make it short and straightforward.</p>

#E    <dt><strong>Long description</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Long description (長い説明)</strong></dt>
#E       	<P>This description is meant for people who are looking for the
#E       	proper list to join, so make sure it's clear and informative.

#E     	<P>See <A HREF="subscribe">the subscription page</A> for examples.
    	<P>例として、<A HREF="subscribe">メーリングリストの購読ページ</A>をご覧ください。

#E    <dt><strong>Category</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Category (カテゴリー)</strong></dt>
#E       	<P>This is needed to classify the list and to properly sort it on
#E     	<a href="subscribe">the subscription page</a> and elsewhere.
      	<P>リストを分類して、<a href="subscribe">メーリングリストの購読ページ</a>

#E 	The available categories are:

#E 			<LI>Users
#E 			<LI>Developers
#E 			<LI>Internationalization and Translations
#E 			<LI>Ports
#E 			<LI>Miscellaneous Debian
#E 			<LI>Other
			<LI>Users (ユーザ)
			<LI>Developers (開発者)
			<LI>Internationalization and Translations (国際化と翻訳)
			<LI>Ports (ポーツ)
			<LI>Miscellaneous Debian (いろいろな Debian)
			<LI>Other (その他)

#E    <dt><strong>Subscription Policy</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Subscription Policy (講読ポリシー)</strong></dt>
#E       <P>open / closed
      <P>open / closed (公開 / 非公開)

#E       <p>If closed, who may get subscribed, who can approve subscription
#E          requests?</p>

#E    <dt><strong>Post Policy</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Post Policy (投稿ポリシー)</strong></dt>
#E       <P>open / moderated
      <P>open / moderated (無規制 / 調停)

#E       <p>If moderated, who are the moderators?</p>

#E    <dt><strong>Web Archive</strong></dt>
   <dt><strong>Web Archive (Web アーカイブ)</strong></dt>
#E       <P>yes / no
      <P>yes / no (はい / いいえ)

#E       <p>At <a href="http://lists.debian.org/";>our mailing list archives</a>.
      <p><a href="http://lists.debian.org/";>私たちのメーリングリストアーカイブ</a>においてです。


#E <p>After filing the request, it would be very much appreciated if several
#E other people interested in the new list would send a mail to the bug,
#E in order to record their interest.</p>

#E <p>Please follow the above rules, because improper requests will not be
#E implemented.</p>

#E <h3>Moving existing mailing lists to lists.debian.org</h3>
<h3>lists.debian.org に既存のメーリングリストを移動する</h3>

#E <p>An existing mailing list can be moved to lists.debian.org: the
#E administrator of the list has to submit a request as described above and
#E provide us with a list of subscribers (in plain text format, one address
#E per line). Archives of the existing list can also be imported from files
#E in mbox format (preferably split per month).</p>
<p>既存のメーリングリストは lists.debian.org に移動できます。
購読者 (テキスト形式、1 行につき 1 アドレス) の名簿を提供しなければなりません。
さらに既存のリストのアーカイブは、mbox 形式の (できれば 1 ヶ月毎に分割した)

#E <p>In addition to that, they should set up redirections from
#E the old location to the new one, of course.</p>