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Forward: Debian Installer project page - please update translations

Please update your translations of */devel/debian-installer/index.wml
- 日本語 (Nihongo) -- badly outdated!

devel/debian-installer/errata   outdated
devel/debian-installer/archive  outdated
devel/debian-installer/index    outdated
devel/debian-installer/report-template  outdated

devel/debian-installer/News/2004/20040707       not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2004/5      not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2004/6      not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2004/7      not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2004/8      not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2004/9      not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2004/99     not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2005/20050323       not-translated
devel/debian-installer/News/2005/20051111       not-translated
devel/debian-installer/ports-status     not-translated
devel/debian-installer/gtk-frontend     not-translated
devel/debian-installer/di-debcamp-2003-1        not-translated


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Hello website translators,

Due to a reorganization of CD images, some of the links on this page are 
no longer valid. Also, we have reenabled the links to daily builds of the 

Please update your translations of */devel/debian-installer/index.wml
The following translations currently exist:
- dansk
- Deutsch
- español
- français
- Italiano
- 日本語 (Nihongo) -- badly outdated!
- Português -- badly outdated!
- svenska

Note that there may be another update fairly soon as the current layout is 
not optimal. Updating that is less critical though.

TIA and cheers,
Frans Pop

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