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Re: Debian JP master SVN www commits (rev.171)

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 01:15:18 +0900
Debian JP webadmin <webadmin@debian.or.jp> wrote:
> * src/index.tt2: Change the number of members of the Debian Project from
>   nearly 1000 to more than 1000 since http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debian
>   says "Currently, the project includes more than a thousand developers".
>   It seems there are no information in the official web site.  How can I
>   know the correct number?

 http://io.debian.net/~tar/bugstats/ says...
 "12404 source packages (24991 binary packages), count input file
 There are 1869 official (744) or sponsored (1125) maintainers (uniq mail addresses). "

 744 DD + 1125 non-DD maintainers ?


 Hideki Yamane