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[SCM] UNNAMED PROJECT annotated tag, develnews-ja-1-release, created. develnews-ja-1-release

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "UNNAMED PROJECT".

The annotated tag, develnews-ja-1-release has been created
        at  7702896947b0529a1cdbab667838b0981f61fa04 (tag)
   tagging  d1206797d20e3659a183cae8649178a161f99e67 (commit)
 tagged by  Noritada Kobayashi
        on  Sun Dec 23 19:43:17 2007 +0900

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
News #1 released.

Noritada Kobayashi (54):
      Start a project, develnews-ja.
      Start develnews-ja-1.d and develnews-ja-2.d.
      Close debian-www@jp:11829.
      Close debian-www@jp:11830.
      Close debian-www@jp:11831.
      Close debian-www@jp:11833.
      Close debian-www@jp:11834.
      Close debian-www@jp:11835.
      Close debian-www@jp:11842.
      Close debian-www@jp:11843.
      Close debian-www@jp:11846.
      Close debian-www@jp:11847.
      Close debian-www@jp:11862.
      Close debian-www@jp:11844 and debian-www@jp:11857.
      Close debian-www@jp:11839 and debian-www@jp:11845.
      Close debian-www@jp:11848 and debian-www@jp:11850.
      Close debian-www@jp:11849 and debian-www@jp:11856.
      Close debian-www@jp:11870 and debian-www@jp:11872.
      Fix a copy-and-paste mistake.
      Close debian-www@jp:11874.
      Close debian-www@jp:11875.
      Close debian-www@jp:11836 and debian-www@jp:11841.
      Insert space characters for appearance.
      Close debian-www@jp:11869.
      Close debian-www@jp:11880.
      develnews-ja-2.d: Improve more, as a follow-up to the previous change.
      Close debian-www@jp:11883 and debian-www@jp:11884.
      Close debian-www@jp:11867, debian-www@jp:11881, and debian-www@jp:11882.
      Close debian-www@jp:11885.
      Close debian-www@jp:11851 and debian-www@jp:11852.
      Close debian-www@jp:11868 and debian-www@jp:11872.
      Close debian-www@jp:11876 and debian-www@jp:11879.
      Close debian-www@jp:11886.
      develnews-ja-1.d, develnews-ja-2.d: Translate the lead paragraphs.
      develnews-ja-1.d, develnews-ja-2.d: Add titles.
      develnews-ja-1.d, develnews-ja-2.d: Translate the titles.
      develnews-ja-1.d: Tweak.
      develnews-ja-2.d: Move translator's notes into the annotated paragraph.
      develnews-ja-2.d: Unify terminology.
      develnews-ja-2.d: Supply missing markups for references.
      develnews-ja-1.d, develnews-ja-2.d: Tweak to improve appearance.
      develnews-ja-2.d: Tweak more for appearance.
      develnews-ja-2.d: Improve a link URI.
      Rename develnews-ja-*.d to develnews-ja-*.mdwn.
      Add Makefile.
      develnews-ja-*.mdwn: Reformat for Markdown.
      develnews-ja-*.mdwn: Mark the first lines as top titles.
      Enable converting Markdown-generated HTML to the Blosxom article format.
      develnews-ja-1.mdwn: Make a typo fix.
      develnews-ja-*.mdwn: Unify terminology.
      develnews-ja-*.mdwn: Add footer sections.
      develnews-ja-2.mdwn: Fix a typo.
      develnews-ja-*.mdwn: Tweak line break points to improve appearance.
      develnews-ja-*.mdwn: Mark inline URIs as links.