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Re: DPN-2012-17 (02)



> 02. amd64: primary Debian architecture

<toc-add-entry name="amd64">amd64: primary Debian architecture</toc-add-entry>

According to the <a href="http://popcon.debian.org";>Debian Popularity
Contest</a>, amd64 is now the primary architecture in terms of number of
submissions via the popularity-contest package, which periodically and
anonymously sends statistics about the usage of installed packages.

With a bit more than 60,000 submissions, amd64 just overtook i386. These
leading architectures are followed by armel and powerpc, for which the number of
submissions is several orders of magnitude behind.
<toc-add-entry name="amd64">amd64: 最も人気がある Debian アーキテクチャ</toc-add-entry>

<p><a href="http://popcon.debian.org";>Debian 人気コンテスト</a> によると、popularity-contest
は現在最も人気があるアーキテクチャです。amd64 の利用数は 60,000 より少し多く、i386
の利用数を僅差で上回りました。主要アーキテクチャである amd64 と i386 の後に armel と powerpc
が続きますが、armel や powerpc の利用数は amd64 や i386 に比べて桁違いに少ないです。</p>

AYANOKOUZI, Ryuunosuke <i38w7i3@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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