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[debian-devel:05904] Re: [jshin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: glibc-wcsmbs and locale data for Korean EUC-KR]


I received from ukai@debian.or.jp on 11 05 , 1998. 

> >  So, I downloaded the newest version of glibc2.0.7-wcsmbs and
> > wcsmbs-0.4.x from ftp.debian.or.jp. For Japanese locales,
> > everything seems to be in order, but locale data(LC_CTYPE,
> > LC_TIME, etc) is missing for Korean locales. Without that,
> > fontList/fontset spec. for X11 (e.g.  Netscape) wouldn't work,
> > would it? Hence, my question is how I can generate those locale
> > files(LC_CTYPE, LC_TIME,etc) for Korean EUC-KR(what version of
> > localedef and what format of locale and charmap source did you
> > use?)  I saw you wrote that those for Japanese are sort of 'dummy'
> > only to make fontList/fontset work with X11 programs. I guess that
> > would be sufficient for Korean users, too. Once I succeed in
> > building 'dummy' Korean locales, I'll send them to you for
> > inclusion in your package.
> えーと、
>  glibc2.0.7-wcsmbs + wcsmbs-0.4.x は古いので
>  slink にある (全部本家からとれるはず)
>   libc6, libwcsmbs, wcsmbs-locale-ko
>  をインストールしてみましょう
> かな。

  それとも、locale-kr をインストールしないといけないですか?

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