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[debian-devel:09696] Re: ITP: jvim


In <19990624111301V.morimura@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 at Thu, 24 Jun 1999 11:13:03 +0900,
  Teruyuki Morimura <terubou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> さん writes:

terubou> > とりあえず現在のパッケージに関するライセンスの交渉 (vim 3.0 に最新の
terubou> > ライセンスを適用してもらえるかどうか) は私がやろうと思いますが、
terubou> それではすいませんが,宜しくお願いします.

この件は作者の Bram さんから早速返事が届きました。OK だそうです。

Yes, the new license can also be used for older versions.  It is "backwards
compatible" :-).

ということで、potato 用のパッケージは copyright ファイルを
修正して後日 upload し直します。

terubou> > vim 5.4 への JP パッチのマージの件は森村さんのほうで受けてもらえますか ?
terubou> わかりました.出来るだけがんばってみます.
terubou> とりあえずは vim-jp ML を動かし出さなくては.

 vim-6.0 で本格的にマルチバイト文字に対応しようということらしいです。
頑張ってください。(森村さんのメールアドレスも Bram さんに伝えておきました。)

以下、Bram さんからの返事です。

Taketoshi -

>  Hi, I am a member of Debian Project, and also a member of
>  Debian JP Project (users & developers for Debian in Japan)
>  I recently wish to register the package to Debian
>  which is based on vim-3.0 and Japanese patch for it.

Good to hear that you are supporting the Japanese version of Vim.  I didn't
hear much about it recently.

>  This patch enables the input Japanese text on 'kon', kanji console
>  on Linux using canna-server directly (without "onew" librar).
>  "canna-server" is an translation server (Kanji Input Front End Processor,
>   FEP in short) for alphabet (roma-ji) -> Japanese (Hiragana,Katakana,Kanji).

You mention that you already noticed that Vim 5.4 already has some support for
Asian languages.  I don't know much about how to use this myself, thus I
cannot judge if this equals the functionality of the patch you mention.

>  But the Debian package maintainer of vim-5.3 pointed out that 
>  the original license of vim 3.0 is not fully compliant to DFSG
>  (Debian Free Software Guidelines). and the new license for vim-5.3 
>  is full compliant (Thanks).
>  I wish to register my 'jvim' package into main distribution of Debian,
>  so, would you please apply the new license to vim-3.0 as well as vim-5.3 ?

Yes, the new license can also be used for older versions.  It is "backwards
compatible" :-).

>  Japanese patch is currently provided only for 3.0, and patch for 5.1
>  is now under development. I wish to add 'jvim' package into Debian's 
>  coming 'potato' release, so please let me use the new license for vim-3.0.
>  I myself is not the author of that Japanese patch, so I have not understand 
>  the patch in detail yet. but the Debian package maintainer of vim told me 
>  that you and the people in vim-dev are very helpful, so I think about doing 
>  the effort to merge the Japanese support into original vim-5.4 (or 5.5 ?). 

I would certainly encourage the merging of different patches into the main
source code.  That will probably help the Vim users in the best way.
Otherwise they will have to choose between an older version with their
language support, or a newer version without their language support.

>  The note on <http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA003457/vim/vim3/vim.html>
>  said:
>    JVim-3.0-1.5b added following features on vim-3.0

Quite a long list.  I don't think all of this is supported by Vim 5.4.  I will
have a look at this patch (I might have it on a CD-ROM that I got from Vector,
but all documentation is in Japanese...).

>  I check now <http://www.vim.org/deve.html#general>, and vim-5.4 already
>  support X: input method for multi-byte characters, Hangul (Korean) Input
>  Mode, and documentation. I will try whether I can input Japanese character
>  using vim-5.4 on X with skkinput (a kanji input method on X).

The authors of this are mentioned in the 5.4 documentation.  See ":help
multibyte".  If you have specific questions about the multi-byte code, please
ask them.  I'll also cc a message about a recent patch to you, so you can see
their addresses.

Version 5.4 is just about to be released.  I don't intend to make changes to
it now.  But perhaps, with your help, 6.0 can have much better Asian language

- Bram

    <xlj06203@xxxxxxxxxxx> : Taketoshi Sano (佐野 武俊)