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[debian-devel:11700] Re: new search engine for our web pages? [was: masayuki-h@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Re: ITP: namazu2]

Excuse me, I'm not subscribe debian-www currently. I expect to work
linux.debian.www newsgroup.

In article <y5azosvv7ln.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
kgh12351@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> The past (not to be updated) record of the List Archives can be
>> indexed step by step, maybe. But everyday re-indexing may be too much.
>> How do you think, Kitame, and Nokubi ? (Masayuki wrote you are
>> the namazu "demigods", so you can answer to this issue, I hope.)

At first, re-indexing is not heavier than first time indexing. It is
"difference indexing". Untouched files are not targets of proccessing.

Second, namazu/namazu2 can handle multiple index files. So some index
processing can divide (and could be use some machines).

BTW, I'm not "demigod". I'm just a member of Namzu Project :-)
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
	knok@debian.or.jp (Debian-JP)