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[debian-devel:17925] Re: xflr5 スポンサー募集

On Sun, 27 Mar 2011 21:44:12 +0900
Koichi Akabe <vbkaisetsu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> XFLR5による解析と、実際に飛んでいる様子:
> http://xflr5.sourceforge.net/Screenshots/T-Joe.htm

 飛んでいる様子がいいですね :)

 後出しですいません、lintian でいくつか引っかかっていました。
 少なくとも Warning は修正しておきましょう。

W: xflr5: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/xflr5
N:    Each binary in /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /bin, /sbin or /usr/games should
N:    have a manual page
N:    Note that though the man program has the capability to check for several
N:    program names in the NAMES section, each of these programs should have
N:    its own manual page (a symbolic link to the appropriate manual page is
N:    sufficient) because other manual page viewers such as xman or tkman
N:    don't support this.
N:    If the name of the man page differs from the binary by case, man may be
N:    able to find it anyway; however, it is still best practice to make the
N:    case of the man page match the case of the binary.
N:    If the man pages are provided by another package on which this package
N:    depends, lintian may not be able to determine that man pages are
N:    available. In this case, after confirming that all binaries do have man
N:    pages after this package and its dependencies are installed, please add
N:    a lintian override.
N:    Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 12.1 (Manual pages) for details.
N:    Severity: normal, Certainty: possible

 man が無いので書きましょう。

W: xflr5: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/pixmaps/xflr5.png
N:    This executable file is not an ELF format binary, and does not start
N:    with the #! sequence that marks interpreted scripts. It might be a sh
N:    script that fails to name /bin/sh as its shell, or it may be incorrectly
N:    marked as executable. Sometimes upstream files developed on Windows are
N:    marked unnecessarily as executable on other systems.
N:    If you are using debhelper to build your package, running dh_fixperms
N:    will often correct this problem for you.
N:    Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 10.4 (Scripts) for details.
N:    Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

 +x されている?

I: xflr5: spelling-error-in-binary ./usr/bin/xflr5 Perfoming Performing
N:    Lintian found a spelling error in the given binary. Lintian has a list
N:    of common misspellings that it looks for. It does not have a dictionary
N:    like a spelling checker does.
N:    If the string containing the spelling error is translated with the help
N:    of gettext or a similar tool, please fix the error in the translations
N:    as well as the English text to avoid making the translations fuzzy. With
N:    gettext, for example, this means you should also fix the spelling
N:    mistake in the corresponding msgids in the *.po files.
N:    You can often find the word in the source code by running:
N:     grep -rw <word> <source-tree>
N:    This tag may produce false positives for words that contain non-ASCII
N:    characters due to limitations in strings.
N:    Severity: minor, Certainty: wild-guess
I: xflr5: spelling-error-in-binary ./usr/bin/xflr5 Continous Continuous
I: xflr5: spelling-error-in-binary ./usr/bin/xflr5 developped developed

 元々のバイナリに spelling の間違いがある。パッチ作って、upstream に


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org