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Re: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 'Slink' released


以下のDebian2.1のリリースアナウンスが debian-announceに

この文章の和訳を linux-users ML, fj.os.linux などに

よろしくお願いします。> doc MLメンバー or devel ML メンバー

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Debian GNU/Linux
> http://www.debian.org/
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 'Slink' released
> March 9, 1999
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >> News 
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 'Slink' has officially been released on March 9, 1999 
> for the SPARC, Intel x86, Alpha, and Motorola 680x0 architectures. Release 
> notes, installation instructions, and other information is available at 
> <http://www.debian.org/releases/slink/>.
> It can be obtained in several ways:
> FTP:       ftp://ftp.debian.org/pub/debian/
> Mirrors:   http://www.debian.org/distrib/ftplist 
> CD-ROM:    http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors (list of distributors)
> CD Images: http://cdimage.debian.org/
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 contains over 2250 precompiled binary packages 
> contributed from over 400 developers, including all of the favorites: web 
> servers, GIMP, gcc, egcs, XFree86, SQL servers and many other tools and 
> utilities.
> Debian's new powerful package manager 'apt' allows for easy installation, 
> maintenance and updating of packages including sophisticated handling of 
> dependencies and configurations.  Packages from other distributions can 
> easily be installed using the 'alien' utility.
> Goals for future releases can be found at <http://www.debian.org/devel/rele
> ase_info> and include full FHS compliance, Gnome 1.x packages, PAM 
> integration, the new front end for the package management system, and 
> others.
> >> Why Debian GNU/Linux?
>  o Debian is 100% Free Software. Our goal is to help keep Linux free.
>  o Over 2250 precompiled software packages.
>  o Over 400 developers, the largest staff of any Linux distribution.
>  o The largest pre-release testing program in the Linux world.
>  o Free on-line support from our large, friendly user community on the
>    debian-user mailing list and interactive chat forums.
>  o Floppy-less install directly from CD, or single floppy install
>    using NFS or hard disk.
>  o Automatic upgrades via CD, FTP, NFS, or disk.
>  o Bug tracking system is publicly accessible on our web server, and
>    users are encouraged to access the system and provide feedback.
>  o Anyone can duplicate and sell our Official CD or a snapshot of the
>    FTP archive, at no charge!
>  o Compatible with RPM and Slackware packages.
> >> About Debian
> The Debian project is an organization of many users and developers who 
> volunteer their time and effort.  Its tasks include maintaining and 
> updating Debian GNU/Linux which is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux 
> operating system, and the development of the Debian GNU/Hurd operating 
> system.
> >> Contact Information 
> For further information, please send email to the Debian Press Contact 
> <press@debian.org> or visit the Debian homepage at <http://www.debian.org/>
> -- 
> Nils Lohner				E-Mail: lohner@debian.org
> Debian Press Contact                    Press:  press@debian.org
> --  
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