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[Debian JP Weekly Draft2] Debian JP News 1999/8/17 - 1999/8/30


遅くなりましたが、Debian JP Weekly の Draft2 です。
今日の朝 7 時ごろ Debian.org の Joey Hess に確定版を email します。
HTML 版を添付します。HTML 版は以下からもたどれますが、まだ mirror が終

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Debian JP Weekly 8/17/1999 - 8/30/1999

This is the recent news [8/17/1999 - 8/30/1999] from Debian JP Project. The prefix
below such as debian-users, debian-devel, debian-doc and jp-policy indicates the ML
on the debian.or.jp respectively.
  * [debian-devel:10101] localized CD in Debian Project
      + We need to discuss about the feasibility to make the localized official CD
        images for each language. It seems to be realistic to make I18Ned CD. At
        first, We should commit many Japanese translations to internationalize
  * [debian-devel:10087] ASCII24
      + Some funny talk about the web published source. http://www.ascii.co.jp/
        ascii24/call.cgi?file=issue/1999/0817/topi02.html reported Wichert Akkerman
        said he didn't know whether there is Japanese member in Debian or not. For
        present, 15 of Debian JP member are also Debian official maintainer and 13
        JP member are waiting for registering to Debian. Some opinions about this
        (ASCII is the name of the publish company in Japan):
          o Wichert teased the ASCII reporter.
          o Wichert really didn't know if the JP member is there or not.
          o Does it mean JP release is evil one?
          o ASCII made some mistakes on report?
  * [debian-users:17525] [ANN] project silicon linux
      + Yutarou Ebihara announced the RT-Linux based embedded ROM Linux development
        project. It employs the Debian to develop the root image. The prototype of
        the hardware is available from the below (Japanese Only).
  * [debian-devel:10143] Work Needed in Translation Project (Re: Uploaded ja-trans
    0.3 (source all) to jp)
      + ja-trans is a package to provide japanese po files. These po files should be
        merge with the upstream than upload to Debian. Does anyone wish to do this


JP Merge Operation (continued)

  * [debian-devel:10084] xcalendar-i18n_4.0.0.i18p1-1 installed
  * [debian-devel:10085] jvim-canna, jvim-doc (source jvim) 3.0-1.5b-5 installed
  * [debian-devel:10109] Re: Sven Rudolph: Re: still looking for someone to adopt
      + Taketoshi Sano reported that JP patch will merge into sgml-tools. Thanks a
        lot. The capability to deal with 2-byte character charset by SGML is
        essential for i18n of Debian.

  * ITP to Debian
    This section reports the JP member's ITP to Debian also Cc:ed to
    debian-devel@debian.or.jp. Of course, this is a part of ITP to Debian by JP
    members. A lot of ITP to Debian have been done directly.
      + [debian-devel:10122] ITP: yasgml
      + [debian-devel:10123] ITP: yatex
        The above two have been ITPed by Taketoshi Sano. YaTeX is rather famous TeX
        assist mode in Japan and yasgml is based on YaTeX.
  * ITP to Debian JP
    This section reports the JP member's ITP to Debian JP. Non-Debian developer of
    Debian JP member has no choice to ITP to Debian.
      + [debian-devel:10174] Intent to package: enfle
        Picture loader/saver/archiver that can add another format by plug-in.

Thanks a lot for the below contribution from Debian JP project:
debian-doc news: Noriaki Matoi
proofread: Ryuichi Arafune, NABETANI Hidenobu

Editor: Katsura S. Yoshio <yoshio@debian.or.jp>

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