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Re: [Debian Weekly News Draft1] Debian JP News 1999/11/02 -1999/11/08

中野です。 遅くなりました。


> DWN の Draft1 です。よろしかったらご査読ください。


# debina は気付かなかった...(^^;

> HTML は、以下から入手できます。
> http://www2.osk.3web.ne.jp/~shishamo/www.debian.or.jp/News/weekly/current/issue/



--- index.html.orig	Wed Nov 10 02:16:43 1999
+++ index.html	Wed Nov 10 02:26:45 1999
@@ -35,45 +35,44 @@
-the patch for <b>boot-floopies</b> to supporting PC98X1.  <p>
+a patch for <b>boot-floopies</b> which aims to support PC98X1.  <p>
 ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <a
-xfs-xtt to JP.  He had also <a href="
+xfs-xtt to JP.  He also <a href="
-the difference between xfstt that is already uploaded into potato
-archive.  xfs-xtt can handle CJK characters properly than xfstt.<p>
+the difference of it from xfstt that has already been uploaded into potato
+archive.  xfs-xtt can handle CJK characters better than xfstt.<p>
 Nakahara Hayao <a
-to fix the <b>jtex copyright problem</b> within around one week.<p>
+href="http://www.debian.or.jp/Lists-Archives/debian-devel/199911/msg00060.html";>said</a> that he intended
+to fix the <b>jtex copyright problem</b> within around a week.<p>
 UNO Takeshi <a
 the current status of the <b>Japanized glibc2.1-based Netscape Navigator</b>.
 Because the Navigator itself contains some serious BUGs around wcsmbs-locales, we can hardly
-input Japanese characters though input form of the Navigator window.<p>
+use Japanese characters on input forms of the Navigator window.<p>
 The Debian/98 status was <a
 by Masato Taruishi.  He has just uploaded kernel-patch for NEC PC98
-architecture and now try to resolve kbd issue.<p>
+architecture and now trys to resolve kbd issue.<p>
 Masayuki Hatta<a
-intended</a> to translate the Debian Policy Manual.  We have obsolete
-version of policy manual and he will update this manual.<p>
+declared</a> he would translate the Debian Policy Manual.  We currently have so obsolete version, that he wants to update it.<p>
 <font color="green" size="+2"><a name="discuss">Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp</a></font><p>
-EWB family was <a
+EWB packages were <a
 to JP experimental by Atsuhito Kohda.  <a
-href="http://www.ascii.co.jp/EWB";>EWB</a> is acronym of "Editor's Work
-Bench" and produced by ASCII cooperation.<p>
+href="http://www.ascii.co.jp/EWB";>EWB</a> is an acronym of "Editor's Work
+Bench" and is developed by ASCII cooperation.<p>
 web2c-src was <a