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Re: [Debian Weekly News Draft1] Debian JP News 1999/11/02 - 1999/11/08

#うーむ、IM の設定を間違えていました。^^;

DWN の Draft1 です。よろしかったらご査読ください。

HTML は、以下から入手できます。


こちらにも commit 済です。



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                   Debian JP Project: Debian JP Weekly News
Debian JP Weekly News 11/02/1999 - 11/08/1999

   This is the recent news [11/02/1999 - 11/08/1999] from Debian JP
   Project. Debian JP Project has now five open MLs, debian-users,
   debian-devel, debian-doc jp-policy, and jp-qa on debian.or.jp.
     * [1]JP Merge Operation (continued)
     * [2]Other Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
     * [3]Debian JP References
   JP Merge Operation (continued)
   The current status of the Description-ja was [4]posted by Seiji
   Akira YOSHIYAMA [5]posted the patch for boot-floopies to supporting
   ISHIKAWA Mutsumi [6]uploaded xfs-xtt to JP. He had also [7]described
   the difference between xfstt that is already uploaded into potato
   archive. xfs-xtt can handle CJK characters properly than xfstt.
   Nakahara Hayao [8]intended to fix the jtex copyright problem within
   around one week.
   UNO Takeshi [9]posted the current status of the Japanized
   glibc2.1-based Netscape Navigator. Because the Navigator itself
   contains some serious BUGs around wcsmbs-locales, we can hardly input
   Japanese characters though input form of the Navigator window.
   The Debian/98 status was [10]announced by Masato Taruishi. He has just
   uploaded kernel-patch for NEC PC98 architecture and now try to resolve
   kbd issue.
   Masayuki Hatta[11] intended to translate the Debian Policy Manual. We
   have obsolete version of policy manual and he will update this manual.
   Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
   EWB family was [12]uploaded to JP experimental by Atsuhito Kohda.
   [13]EWB is acronym of "Editor's Work Bench" and produced by ASCII
   web2c-src was [14]ITPed by Hiroshi KISE. It is used to make the binary
   package of ptex.
   The developer's corner of the www.debina.or.jp has been [15]renewed by
   Yoshizumi Endo.
   Debian JP References
     * [16]Debian JP Project Home
     * [17]Debian JP Administration Log
       Fumitoshi UKAI, the Debian JP Project Leader, has been taking time
       to summarize the JP administration log (in Japanese) as well as
       the discussion on the debian.org's ML (in English).
   Thanks a lot for the below contribution from Debian JP project:
    Editor: Katsura S. Yoshio <yoshio@debian.or.jp>
   $Id: index.html,v 1.1 1999/10/25 15:02:18 yoshio Exp $
   LocalWords: Fumitoshi UKAI org's Katsura yoshio gt css ML


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