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[Debian Weekly News Draft2] Debian JP News 1999/11/09 -1999/11/15


Debian JP Weekly の draft 2 です。
jp-qa 関連は reference がないんで来週にまわします。
すみません> 佐野さん


こちらにも commit すみ。



                   Debian JP Project: Debian JP Weekly News
Debian JP Weekly News 11/09/1999 - 11/15/1999

   This is the recent news [11/09/1999 - 11/15/1999] from Debian JP
   Project. Debian JP Project has now five open MLs, debian-users,
   debian-devel, debian-doc jp-policy, and jp-qa on debian.or.jp.
     * [1]JP Merge Operation (continued)
     * [2]Other Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
     * [3]Debian JP References
   JP Merge Operation (continued)
   Marco Pistore had been successfully [4]merged gs-ja patch to gs. And
   amazingly, Taketoshi Sano cleared the license issue of these
   additional gs-ja patches at last (gs-ja had lots of unclear license
   patches and Taketoshi Sano confirmed its licenses one by one.). Thanks
   a lot!
   Fumitoshi UKAI [5]posted the script to count the JP project member's
   package in Debian. At that time. the number of JP packages in Debian
   is 206. The rest in Debian JP project is still 179. Then, almost at
   half packages(206/(179+206)) in JP has been already merged:)
   Y2K JP packages thread was [6]commenced by Fumitoshi UKAI. Kenshi Muto
   followed this issue with [7]reporting jnethack in Slink-JP contains
   Y2K problem. Requires further research for it. The below web page
   created by GOTO Masanori would be useful for Japanese.
   [8]http://www.linux.or.jp/general/year2000.html (Japanese only)
   For some results of the JP merge operation, some packages shows
   conflict between JP and Debian. For instance, blackbox-ja was former
   in JP, but now merged to blackbox in Debian. There's no conflict
   within Debian packages without thinking about JP -> Debian upgrade
   pass. Hiroshi KISE [9]proposed to place the dummy packages in JP and
   enable smooth update from JP packages to Debian.
   The proposal to rename pLaTeX2e related JP packages was [10]submitted.
   Atsuhito Kohda have been thinking the treatment of this issue for a
   Discussion on the ML at Debian.or.jp
   Shizuoka-region Linux user event was [11]announced.
   Taketoshi Sano, Kenshi Muto, Takuo Kitame, Shuzo Hatta, Takatsugi
   Nokubi and Akihiro Hirano had participated in this festival. Real
   broadcast and IRC broadcast had done on this event(this event was
   already done at 11.13.1999.)
   [12]ITPed to Debian perlftlib by ISHIKAWA Mutsumi. It would be one of
   his extensive work towards X11 freetype support on Debian.
   Debian JP References
     * [13]Debian JP Project Home
     * [14]Debian JP Administration Log
       Fumitoshi UKAI, the Debian JP Project Leader, has been taking time
       to summarize the JP administration log (in Japanese) as well as
       the discussion on the debian.org's ML (in English).
   Thanks a lot for the below contribution from Debian JP project:
    Editor: Katsura S. Yoshio <yoshio@debian.or.jp>
   $Id: index.html,v 1.11 1999/11/10 13:51:17 yoshio Exp $
   LocalWords: Fumitoshi UKAI org's Katsura yoshio gt css ML


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Happy Debian GNU/Linux Life,
	K.S.Yoshio <shishamo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>