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Re: DWN May 23rd, 2000


問題無ければ debian-www へ出します。


.|#use wml::debian::weeklynews::header PAGENAME="May 23rd, 2000" SUMMARY="Plans for a second test cycle; update on the First Debian Conference; Helix Gnome"

#use wml::debian::weeklynews::header PAGENAME="2000 年 5 月 23 日" SUMMARY="二回目のテストサイクルの計画; 第一回 Debian Conference の最新情報; Helix Gnome"

.|<b>Welcome</b> to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer

<b>ようこそ</b>。Debian 開発者のみなさん向けニューズレター、
Debian ウィークリーニュースへ。

.|<b>No Debian Weekly News was published last week because there was little to
.|report on</b>, except
.|<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-0005/msg00830.html">
.|indecision</a> about what to do about the first test cycle. The test cycle
.|started slowly, and <a href="http://cdimage.debian.org/potato_pre.html";>CD
.|images</a> were not available until this Monday. We have learned something
.|from this test cycle though -- as Richard Braakman said, "<i>The first test 
.|cycle flushed out some coordination problems</i>" and
.|"<i>We hope that the next cycle will be a more thorough test of the
.|distribution itself.</i>"

<b>先週、Debian ウィークリーニュースは報告することが
<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-0005/msg00830.html">
<a href="http://cdimage.debian.org/potato_pre.html";>
CD イメージ</a>は今週月曜日になるまで利用できませんでした。
Richard Braakman は

.|<b>And in the meantime, it has become clear that we do need another test
.|cycle</b>. Boot-floppies team leader Adam Di Carlo
.|<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-boot-0005/msg00309.html">wrote</a>
.|that "<i>We need a release kernel, not a a pre-release kernel.  We need to fix
.|some rather nasty problems in boot-floppies</i>". And so Richard Braakman 
.|has <a href="mail#1">called an end to the current test cycle</a> today,
.|with plans to start another one on the 29th. In preparation for that, he plans
.|to "<i>remove most of the packages that have release-critical bugs from
.|potato</i>" on the 25th and 26th. Read
.|<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-announce-0005/msg00009.html">
.|his message</a> for other important details.

Boot-floppies チームリーダの Adam Di Carlo は
<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-boot-0005/msg00309.html">
述べました</a>。また Richard Braakman は今日、
<a href="mail#1">現在のテストサイクルを終了したと宣言し</a>、
29 日に次のテストサイクルを始める計画を立てました。
それに備えて、彼は 25 日と 26 日、
 potato から削除する</i>」と計画しています。
<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-announce-0005/msg00009.html">

.|<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-announce-0005/msg00006.html">
.|Here's an update</a> on <b>plans for the First Debian Conference in France</b>,
.|which is being held as part of the Libre Software Meeting. RMS will be there to
.|talk about the HURD, and Wichert Akkerman will be there. The organizers hope
.|to have several conferences plus coding parties where real work can be done.
.|They are looking for speakers and also for sponsors. Also it's been proposed
.|that this not be a one-time affair, but instead be an annual event that moves
.|to a new country each year. If you are a developer who is interested in the
.|conference, please fill out
.|<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-0005/msg01366.html">this
.|short survey</a> to let the organizers know what to expect.

Libre Software Meeting の一部として開催される
<b>フランスでの第一回 Debian Conference の計画</b>について、
<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-announce-0005/msg00006.html">
RMS はそこで HURD について講演する予定で、
Wichert Akkerman も出席します。
<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-0005/msg01366.html">

.|Helix Code has <a href="http://news.gnome.org/gnome-news/958714217/";>
.|released</a> <b>Debian packages of Helix Gnome</b>. It sounds like they went all
.|out to make these well behaved Debian packages: "<i>We really want to do
.|this right.  In  particular, we want all of our packages to be lintian
.|clean.  If you find a policy violation in a Helix GNOME package, it's a bug.

Helix Code は <b>Helix Gnome の Debian パッケージ</b>を
<a href="http://news.gnome.org/gnome-news/958714217/";>
リリースしました</a> 。
行儀の良い Debian パッケージになるよう
特に、私たちのパッケージの全てが lintian clean であって欲しい。
もし Helix GNOME パッケージにポリシー違反が見つかったのなら、

.|<b>Should packages that depend on packages in non-US/main be put in main,
.|contrib, or non-US/main?</b> Before non-US was split, the answer was
.|"contrib". Now, though, what should be done is less clear. The most
.|<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-0005/msg01281.html">popular
.|choice</a> seems to be non-US/main, with various arguments being made for
.|each of the choices.

<b>non-US/main にあるパッケージに依存しているパッケージは
 main それとも contrib, あるいは non-US/main に入れるべきでしょうか? </b>
non-US が分けられる前では、答は "contrib" でした。
<a href="../../../../Lists-Archives/debian-devel-0005/msg01281.html">
人気のある選択</a>は non-US/main のようです。

.|<b>In server news</b>, ftp.debian.org has been
.|<a href="http://www.debian.org/News/2000/20000521";>upgraded and moved</a> so
.|it is connected directly to an international network backbone. When potato is
.|finally released, we'll be ready ...

<b>サーバニュースによれば</b>、 ftp.debian.org は
<a href="http://www.debian.org/News/2000/20000521";>
直接接続されました。potato がついにリリースされるという時には

.|<b>New packages</b> in Debian this week include the following and
.|<a href="http://master.debian.org/~tausq/newpkgs-20000522.html";>11 more</a>:
.|<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/devel/cbrowser.html">cbrowser</a>: a C/C++ source code indexing, querying and browsing tool
.|<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/devel/pharmacy.html">pharmacy</a>: A GNOME front-end to CVS
.|<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/web/sqmgrlog.html">sqmgrlog</a>: Report generator for squid
.|<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/games/starfish.html">starfish</a>: X wallpaper generator.
.|<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/devel/viewcvs.html">viewcvs</a>: Viewing CVS Repositories via HTTP

<a href="http://master.debian.org/~tausq/newpkgs-20000522.html";>11 以上</a>の
<b>新しいパッケージ</b>が Debian に入りました。
<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/devel/cbrowser.html">cbrowser</a>: C/C++ ソースコードのインデックス化、問い合わせ、閲覧ツール
<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/devel/pharmacy.html">pharmacy</a>: CVS の GNOME フロントエンド
<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/web/sqmgrlog.html">sqmgrlog</a>: squid のレポート生成
<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/games/starfish.html">starfish</a>: X の壁紙生成
<li><a href="../../../../Packages/unstable/devel/viewcvs.html">viewcvs</a>: HTTP 経由 CVS レポジトリ表示

.|#use wml::debian::weeklynews::footer