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Re: The Debian Description Translation Server


grisu@debian.org 氏に、日本語も加えて欲しいと

--------- ここから --------
sorry, I will not add Japanese to the ddts.

I have no problem with Japanese, this is not the problem. But there is
already a translation project (like spain) for Japanese. Please ask on

If I am wrong, ask again. 

But I found this in a old mail from Taketoshi Sano <kgh12351@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
	Description is more hard, since there are awfully much packages in
	Debian.  We, Debian JP Project, had been doing the work for translation
	of description for hamm, and slink.  For slink, it may be about more than
	60% of descriptions are translated, I suppose (don't know the detail).

Help this group or move the whole group to the ddts...

Thanks for your help.

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----------- ここまで -----------

氏は Debian-JP において Description の翻訳プロジェクトが

JP 独自にやるより、せっかく共通の枠組ができたのですから

個人的には、自分ににできるのは翻訳だけで、その成果を aptable に
できるようなプログラマ的資質は皆無ですので、ddts に日本語も加えて
もらえるよう、grisu 氏に再度働きかけてみたいなと思ってます。

田村 一平 <Ippei Tamura>
e-mail : ippei1@xxxxxxxxxxxx