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euro-support po-debconf訳


 euro-support の po-debconf訳です。査読願います。

#. Description
#: ../templates:3
msgid "Euro-support does not configure your system"
msgstr "Euro-support はシステムの設定を行いません"

#. Description
#: ../templates:3
msgid ""
"Euro-support currently provides the \"Debian Euro Manual\" (at /usr/share/"
"doc/euro-support) and a program to test if the system is properly configured "
"(euro-test). In order to configure your system to use and represent the Euro "
"symbol you have to take the steps described in the accompanying "
msgstr "現在、Euro-support は  \"Debian Euro Manual\" (/usr/share/doc/euro-support にあります) "
"とシステムが正しく設定されているかどうかをテストするプログラム (euro-test) を提供します。"


 Hideki Yamane    mailto:henrich @ samba.gr.jp/iijmio-mail.jp