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bookinfo.xml (Fw: [D-I Manual] Build log for ja (26 Sep 2004))

今日届いたインストールマニュアルのbuild logに



Begin forwarded message:

Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 06:10:57 +0200
From: Frans Pop <aragorn@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: debian-japanese@lists.debian.org
Subject: [D-I Manual] Build log for ja (26 Sep 2004)

A build of the Debian Installer Manual was triggered by an update to SVN.

!!! There were errors during the build process.
!!! Please check the log and correct the errors.

Only architectures (if any) that were built correctly have been uploaded.

A log of the build is available at:
- http://home.tiscali.nl/isildur/d-i/log/ja.log

If you would prefer this message to be send somewhere else,
please send a mail to aragorn@xxxxxxxxxxx

Updated files ('svn up')
U  ja/howto/installation-howto.xml
Updated to revision 22067.

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