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dselect(1) (2/2)


#~ ###新規###
#~ ###変更###


>> "する。オンラインヘルプ画面は、いつでも B<'?'> キーで表示できる。"



# type: SH
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:216
#, no-wrap
msgid "Package selections management"
msgstr "パッケージ選択管理"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:218
#, no-wrap
msgid "Introduction"
msgstr "入門"

#~ ###変更###
# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:234
msgid ""
"B<dselect> directly exposes the administrator to some of the complexities "
"involved with managing large sets of packages with many interdependencies. "
"For a user who is unfamiliar with the concepts and the ways of the debian "
"package management system, it can be quite overwhelming. Although B<dselect> "
"is aimed at easing package management and administration, it is only "
"instrumental in doing so and can not be assumed to be a sufficient "
"substitute for administrator skill and understanding. The user is required "
"to be familiar with the concepts underlying the Debian packaging system.  In "
"case of doubt, consult the B<dpkg>(1) manpage and the Debian Policy manual, "
"contained in the B<debian-policy> package."
msgstr ""
"B<dselect> 大量の相互依存関係を持つパッケージ群の管理する複雑さに、管理者は直"
"面する。 Debian パッケージ管理システムの概念や、その方法に慣れていないユーザ"
"にとっては、これは圧倒的ですらある。 B<dselect> は、パッケージ管理と管理作業"
"技術や知識の代用にはならない。ユーザには、Debian パッケージングシステムについ"
"ての基礎概念に精通することが要求される。疑問があれば、B<dpkg>(1) のマニュアル"
"や、B<debian-policy> パッケージに含まれている Debian ポリシーマニュアルを参照"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:240
msgid ""
"Unless B<dselect> is run in expert or immediate mode, a help screen is first "
"displayed when choosing this action from the menu. The user is I<strongly> "
"advised to study all of the information presented in the online help "
"screens, when one pops up.  The online help screens can at any time be "
"invoked with the B<'?'> key."
msgstr ""
"B<dselect> が、エキスパートモードや直接モードで起動されない場合、メニューから"
"する。オンラインヘルプ画面は、いつでも B<'?'> キーで表示できる。"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:241
#, no-wrap
msgid "Screen layout"
msgstr "画面レイアウト"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:249
msgid ""
"The select screen is by default split in a top and a bottom half.  The top "
"half shows a list of packages. A cursor bar can select an individual "
"package, or a group of packages, if applicable, by selecting the group "
"header. The bottom half of the screen shows some details about the package "
"currently selected in the top half of the screen.  The type of detail that "
"is displayed can be varied."
msgstr ""
"選択画面は、デフォルトで上下 2 分割されている。上半分は、パッケージリストを表"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:252
msgid ""
"Pressing the B<'I'> key toggles a full-screen display of the packages list, "
"an enlarged view of the package details, or the equally split screen."
msgstr ""
" B<'I'> キーを押すごとに、パッケージリストの全画面表示、パッケージ詳細の拡"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:253
#, no-wrap
msgid "Package details view"
msgstr "パッケージ詳細表示"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:262
#, no-wrap
msgid ""
"The package details view by default shows the extended package description\n"
"for the package that is currently selected in the packages status list.\n"
"The type of detail can be toggled by pressing the B<'i'> key. This\n"
"alternates between:\n"
" - the extended description\n"
" - the control information for the installed version\n"
" - the control information for the available version\n"
msgstr ""
"デフォルトのパッケージ詳細表示部は、パッケージ状況リスト中で現在選択されているパッケージの、長いパッケージ説明文を表示する。詳細タイプは B<'i'> キーを押すごとに以下が切り替わる。\n"
" - 長い説明文\n"
" - インストール済みバージョンのコントロール情報\n"
" - 利用可能バージョンのコントロール情報\n"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:266
msgid ""
"In a dependency resolution screen, there is also the possibility of viewing "
"the specific unresolved depends or conflicts related to the package and "
"causing it to be listed."
msgstr ""

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:267
#, no-wrap
msgid "Packages status list"
msgstr "パッケージ状況リスト"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:272
msgid ""
"The main select screen displays a list of all packages known to the debian "
"package management system. This includes packages installed on the system "
"and packages known from the available packages database."
msgstr ""
"メイン選択画面は、 Debian パッケージ管理システムが知っている全パッケージを表"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:280
msgid ""
"For every package, the list shows the package's status, priority, section, "
"installed and available versions, the package name and its short "
"description, all in one line. By pressing the B<'V'> key, the display of the "
"installed and available version can be toggled between on an off. By "
"pressing the B<'v'> key, the package status display is toggled between "
"verbose and shorthand.  Shorthand display is the default."
msgstr ""
"ル済み・利用可能バージョン、パッケージ名、短い説明文が 1 行で表示される。 "
"B<'V'> キーを押すと、インストール済みバージョンと利用可能バージョンの表示を "
"ON/OFF できる。 B<'v'> キーを押すと、パッケージ状況を詳細表示と簡略表示で切り"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:286
msgid ""
"The shorthand status indication consists of four parts: an error flag, which "
"should normally be clear, the current status, the last selection state and "
"the current selection state.  The first two relate to the actual state of "
"the package, the second pair are about the selections set by the user."
msgstr ""
"状況簡略表示は、以下の 4 パートに分かれている。エラーフラグ (通常クリア)、現"
"在の状況、前回選択状況、今回選択状況である。始めの 2 つはパッケージの現在の状"
"況を表し、その後の 2 つはユーザがセットした選択状況を表している。"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:304
#, no-wrap
msgid ""
"These are the meanings of the shorthand package status indicator codes:\n"
" Error flag:\n"
"  I<empty>   no error\n"
"  B<R>       serious error, needs reinstallation;\n"
" Installed state:\n"
"  I<empty>   not installed;\n"
"  B<*>       fully installed and configured;\n"
"  B<->       not installed but some config files may remain;\n"
"  B<U>       unpacked but not yet configured;\n"
"  B<C>       half-configured (an error happened);\n"
"  B<I>       half-installed (an error happened).\n"
" Current and requested selections:\n"
"  B<*>       marked for installation or upgrade;\n"
"  B<->       marked for removal, configuration files remain;\n"
"  B<=>       on hold: package will not be processed at all;\n"
"  B<_>       marked for purge, also remove configuration;\n"
"  B<n>       package is new and has yet to be marked.\n"
msgstr ""
" エラーフラグ:\n"
"  I<空>      エラーなし\n"
"  B<R>       深刻なエラー (要再インストール)\n"
" インストール状況:\n"
"  I<空>      未インストール\n"
"  B<*>       インストール済み、かつ設定済み\n"
"  B<->       未インストールだが、設定ファイルが残っている\n"
"  B<U>       展開済みだが設定が済んでいない\n"
"  B<C>       半設定状況 (エラー発生)\n"
"  B<I>       半インストール状況 (エラー発生)\n"
" 現在の選択・要求した選択:\n"
"  B<*>       インストール・更新マーク\n"
"  B<->       削除マーク (設定ファイルは残す)\n"
"  B<=>       保留 (パッケージになにも処理を行わない)\n"
"  B<_>       完全削除マーク (設定ファイルも削除する)\n"
"  B<n>       新規パッケージでまだマーク付けされていない\n"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:305
#, no-wrap
msgid "Cursor and screen movement"
msgstr "カーソルおよび画面移動"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:310
msgid ""
"The package selection list and the dependency conflict resolution screens "
"can be navigated using motion commands mapped to the following keys:"
msgstr ""

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:327
#, no-wrap
msgid ""
"  B<p, Up, k>           move cursor bar up\n"
"  B<n, Down, j>         move cursor bar down\n"
"  B<P, Pgup, Backspace> scroll list 1 page up\n"
"  B<N, Pgdn, Space>     scroll list 1 page down\n"
"  B<^p>                 scroll list 1 line up\n"
"  B<^n>                 scroll list 1 line down\n"
"  B<t, Home>            jump to top of list\n"
"  B<e, End>             jump to end of list\n"
"  B<u>                  scroll info 1 page up\n"
"  B<d>                  scroll info 1 page down\n"
"  B<^u>                 scroll info 1 line up\n"
"  B<^d>                 scroll info 1 line down\n"
"  B<B, Left-arrow>      pan display 1/3 screen left\n"
"  B<F, Right-arrow>     pan display 1/3 screen right\n"
"  B<^b>                 pan display 1 character left\n"
"  B<^f>                 pan display 1 character right\n"
msgstr ""
"  B<p, Up, k>           カーソルバーを上に移動\n"
"  B<n, Down, j>         カーソルバーを下に移動\n"
"  B<P, Pgup, Backspace> リストを 1 ページ上にスクロール\n"
"  B<N, Pgdn, Space>     リストを 1 ページ下にスクロール\n"
"  B<^p>                 リストを 1 行上にスクロール\n"
"  B<^n>                 リストを 1 行下にスクロール\n"
"  B<t, Home>            リストの先頭にジャンプ\n"
"  B<e, End>             リストの最後にジャンプ\n"
"  B<u>                  情報を 1 ページ上にスクロール\n"
"  B<d>                  情報を 1 ページ下にスクロール\n"
"  B<^u>                 情報を 1 行上にスクロール\n"
"  B<^d>                 情報を 1 行下にスクロール\n"
"  B<B, Left-arrow>      表示を 1/3 画面左にスクロール\n"
"  B<F, Right-arrow>     表示を 1/3 画面右にスクロール\n"
"  B<^b>                 表示を 1 文字左にスクロール\n"
"  B<^f>                 表示を 1 文字右にスクロール\n"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:328
#, no-wrap
msgid "Searching and sorting"
msgstr "検索と並べ替え"

#~ ###新規###
# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:342
msgid ""
"The list of packages can be searched by package name. This is done by "
"pressing B<'/'>, and typing a simple search string. The string is "
"interpreted as a B<regex>(7)  regular expression.  If you add B<'/d'> to the "
"search expression, dselect will also search in descriptions. If you add B<'/"
"i'> the search will be case insensitive.  You may combine these two suffixes "
"like this: B<'/id'>.  Repeated searching is accomplished by repeatedly "
"pressing the B<'n'> or B<'\\e'> keys, until the wanted package is found.  If "
"the search reaches the bottom of the list, it wraps to the top and continues "
"searching from there."
msgstr ""
"は、 B<'/'> を押してから、単純な検索文字列を入力することで、パッケージ名の検"
"索ができる。この文字列は、正規表現 B<regex>(7) で解析される。検索文字列に続け"
"て B<'/d'> を加えると、説明文からも検索する。 B<'/i'> を加えた場合は、大文字"
"小文字の区別をしない。この 2 つの添字を B<'/id'> のようにつなげても記述でき"
"る。検索結果に対して、続けて B<'n'> ないし B<'\\e'> キーを押すと、目的のパッ"

#~ ###変更###
# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:349
#, no-wrap
msgid ""
"The list sort order can be varied by pressing\n"
"the B<'o'> and B<'O'> keys repeatedly.\n"
"The following nine sort orderings can be selected:\n"
" alphabet          available           status\n"
" priority+section  available+priority  status+priority\n"
" section+priority  available+section   status+section\n"
msgstr ""
"リストのソート順は、B<'o'> と B<'O'> キーを繰り返し押して変更する。\n"
"以下の 9 通りのソート順を選べる。\n"
" アルファベット     利用可能             状況\n"
" 優先度+セクション  利用可能+優先度      状況+優先度\n"
" セクション+優先度  利用可能+セクション  状況+セクション\n"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:352
msgid ""
"Where not listed above explicitly, alphabetic order is used as the final "
"subordering sort key."
msgstr "上記リストには明記していないが、最後にアルファベット順でソートされる。"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:353
#, no-wrap
msgid "Altering selections"
msgstr "選択の変更"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:362
#, no-wrap
msgid ""
"The requested selection state of individual packages may be\n"
"altered with the following commands:\n"
"  B<+, Insert>    install or upgrade\n"
"  B<=, H>         hold in present state and version\n"
"  B<:, G>         unhold: upgrade or leave uninstalled\n"
"  B<-, Delete>    remove, but leave configuration\n"
"  B<_>            remove & purge configuration\n"
msgstr ""
"  B<+, Insert>    インストール・更新する\n"
"  B<=, H>         現在の状況・バージョンを保留する\n"
"  B<:, G>         保留解除 (更新ないし未インストールのままとする)\n"
"  B<-, Delete>    削除して設定は残す\n"
"  B<_>            削除して設定も消す\n"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:366
msgid ""
"When the change request results in one or more unsatisfied depends or "
"conflicts, B<dselect> prompts the user with a dependency resolution screen. "
"This will be further explained below."
msgstr ""
"変更要求の結果、依存を満足しなかったり競合した場合、 B<dselect> 依存関係解決"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:371
msgid ""
"It is also possible to apply these commands to groups of package selections, "
"by pointing the cursor bar onto a group header. The exact grouping of "
"packages is dependent on the current list ordering settings."
msgstr ""

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:377
msgid ""
"Proper care should be taken when altering large groups of selections, "
"because this can instantaneously create large numbers of unresolved depends "
"or conflicts, all of which will be listed in one dependency resolution "
"screen, making them very hard to handle. In practice, only hold and unhold "
"operations are useful when applied to groups."
msgstr ""
"場合は、十分注意するべきである。 1 つの依存関係解決画面に、すべて表示されるこ"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:378
#, no-wrap
msgid "Resolving depends and conflicts"
msgstr "依存・競合解決"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:383
msgid ""
"When the change request results in one or more unsatisfied depends or "
"conflicts, B<dselect> prompts the user with a dependency resolution screen. "
"First however, an informative help screen is displayed."
msgstr ""
"選択状況を変更して未解決依存・競合が発生した場合、 B<dselect> は依存関係解決"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:390
msgid ""
"The top half of this screen lists all the packages that will have unresolved "
"depends or conflicts, as a result of the requested change, and all the "
"packages whose installation can resolve any of these depends or whose "
"removal can resolve any of the conflicts.  The bottom half defaults to show "
"the depends or conflicts that cause the currently selected package to be "
msgstr ""

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:396
msgid ""
"When the sublist of packages is displayed initially, B<dselect> may have "
"already set the requested selection status of some of the listed packages, "
"in order to resolve the depends of conflicts that caused the dependency "
"resolution screen to be displayed. Usually, it is best to follow up the "
"suggestions made by B<dselect>."
msgstr ""
"パッケージのサブリストが初期表示されたとき、 B<dselect> は、依存関係解決画面"
"すでに変更しているかもしれない。通常、B<dselect> による提案を採用するのが最良"

#~ ###変更###
# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:404
msgid ""
"The listed packages' selection state may be reverted to the original "
"settings, as they were before the unresolved depends or conflicts were "
"created, by pressing the B<'R'> key. By pressing the B<'D'> key, the "
"automatic suggestions are reset, but the change that caused the dependency "
"resolution screen to be prompted is kept as requested.  Finally, by pressing "
"B<'U'>, the selections are again set to the automatic suggestion values."
msgstr ""
"B<'R'> キーを押すことで、パッケージリストの選択状況を、未解決依存・競合が作成"
"される前のように、元に戻せるだろう。B<'D'> キーを押すことで、自動提案はリセッ"
"最終的に B<'U'> を押すことで、自動提案をセットすることができる。"

# type: SS
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:405
#, no-wrap
msgid "Establishing the requested selections"
msgstr "選択要求の確定"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:412
msgid ""
"By pressing B<enter>, the currently displayed set of selections is accepted. "
"If B<dselect> detects no unresolved depends as a result of the requested "
"selections, the new selections will be set.  However, if there are any "
"unresolved depends, B<dselect> will again prompt the user with a dependency "
"resolution screen."
msgstr ""
"B<enter> を押すと、現在表示されている選択セットで確定する。選択要求の結果、未"
"解決依存が検出されなければ、 B<dselect> は新しい選択を設定する。しかし、いま"
"だ未解決依存が存在する場合、 B<dselect> は依存関係解決画面を改めて表示する。"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:418
msgid ""
"To alter a set of selections that creates unresolved depends or conflicts "
"and forcing B<dselect> to accept it, press the B<'Q'> key. This sets the "
"selections as specified by the user, unconditionally. Generally, don't do "
"this unless you've read the fine print."
msgstr ""
"未解決依存・競合存在する選択状況で、B<dselect> 確定を強制するには、 B<'Q'> "

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:425
msgid ""
"The opposite effect, to back out any selections change requests and go back "
"to the previous list of selections, is attained by pressing the B<'X'> or "
"B<escape> keys. By repeatedly pressing these keys, any possibly detrimental "
"changes to the requested package selections can be backed out completely to "
"the last established settings."
msgstr ""
"反対に、選択を取り消して選択リストを元に戻す場合は、 B<'X'> キーや B<escape> "

# type: SH
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:427
#, no-wrap
msgid "BUGS"
msgstr "バグ"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:432
msgid ""
"The B<dselect> package selection interface is confusing to some new users.  "
"Reportedly, it even makes seasoned kernel developers cry."
msgstr ""
"B<dselect> パッケージ選択インターフェースは、新しいユーザを混乱させる。聞くと"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:434
msgid "The documentation is lacking."
msgstr "文書が足りない。"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:436
msgid "There is no help option in the main menu."
msgstr "メインメニューにヘルプオプションがない。"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:438
msgid "The visible list of available packages cannot be reduced."
msgstr "利用可能パッケージのリスト表示を減らせない。"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:442
msgid ""
"The built in access methods can no longer stand up to current quality "
"standards. Use the access method provided by apt, it is not only not broken, "
"it is also much more flexible than the built in access methods."
msgstr ""
"内蔵アクセス方式では、もはや現在の品質基準を満たせない。 apt が提供するアクセ"

# type: SH
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:443
#, no-wrap
msgid "SEE ALSO"
msgstr "関連項目"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:448
msgid "B<dpkg>(1), B<apt-get>(8), B<sources.list>(5), B<deb>(5)."
msgstr "B<dpkg>(1), B<apt-get>(8), B<sources.list>(5), B<deb>(5)."

# type: SH
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:449
#, no-wrap
msgid "AUTHORS"
msgstr "著者"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:453
msgid ""
"B<dselect> was written by Ian Jackson (ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx). Full list "
"of contributors may be found in `dselect --license'."
msgstr ""
"B<dselect> は、Ian Jackson (ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) によって書かれた。 この"
"プログラムへの全貢献者一覧は `dselect --license' で参照できる。"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../../man/po4a/../C/dselect.1:456
msgid ""
"This manual page was written by Juho Vuori E<lt>javuori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<gt>, "
"Josip Rodin and Joost kooij."
msgstr ""
"このマニュアルは Juho Vuori E<lt>javuori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<gt> によって書か"
"れ、 Josip Rodin, Joost kooij が更新した。"