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DDTSS 翻訳完了 bumprace


DDTSS で翻訳完了 (translated) の内容を転送します。

DDTSS での処理はクローズしていますが、内容に問題があれば

# Source: bumprace
# Package(s): bumprace
# Prioritize: 48
# Versions: 1.5.3-2, 1.5.1.dfsg-2.1
# This Description is active
# This Description is owned
Description: 1 or 2 players race through a multi-level maze
 In BumpRacer, 1 player or 2 players (team or competitive) choose among 4
 vehicles and race through a multi-level maze. The players must acquire
 bonuses and avoid traps and enemy fire in a race against the clock.
 For more info, see the homepage at http://www.linux-games.com/bumprace/
Description-ja: 複数レベルの迷宮でレースをする 1, 2 人用ゲーム
 BumpRacer では、1 人か 2 人のプレイヤが (チームを組むか、競うかして)
 4 種類の車両の中から 1 台を選択し、複数のレベルがある迷宮の中でレー
 より詳しい情報は、http://www.linux-games.com/bumprace/ にあるホームページ
# other Descriptions of the bumprace package with a translation in ja:
# Description-id: 833 http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=833
# patch http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?diff1=833&diff2=23660&language=ja
# This Description was in sid from 2005-07-16 to 2006-09-19;
# This Description was in etch from 2005-07-16 to 2006-09-20;

Takuma Yamada <tyamada@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>