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DDTSS 翻訳完了 xnecview


DDTSS で翻訳完了 (translated) の内容を転送します。

DDTSS での処理はクローズしていますが、内容に問題があれば

# Source: xnecview
# Package(s): xnecview
# Prioritize: 45
# Versions: xnecview (1.35-5), xnecview (1.35-5.1), xnecview (1.34-7.2)
# This Description is active
# This Description is owned
Description: NEC structure and gain pattern viewer
 xnecview allows a representation of a NEC (Numerical Electromagnetics
 Code) structure, such as an antenna which is to be modelled to be
 displayed on the screen.  After an NEC run the gain pattern in various
 formats can also be superimposed.  This can be rotated and translated for
 viewing from different angles.  Plots of SWR and gain as a function of
 frequency can also be produced.  In addition to on screen display,
 Postscript or PNG output can also be produced.
Description-ja: NEC 計算結果の形状と利得のパターンを表示する
 xnecview はモデル化されたアンテナなどのような NEC (電磁気数値解析コード
 Numerical Electromagnetics Code) 形式の形状を画面に表示することができます。
 NEC を実行して、利得のパターンの計算結果を種々の形式で重ねて表示することも
 SWR や利得の周波数依存性のグラフも作成できます。
 画面表示に加えて、Postscript や PNG への出力もできます。
# other Descriptions of the xnecview package with a translation in ja:

Takuma Yamada <tyamada@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>