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[debian-faq] basic_defs

# 2つほど放置

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#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:5
msgid "Definitions and overview"
msgstr "定義と概要"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:7
msgid "What is this FAQ?"
msgstr "この FAQ は何?"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:15
msgid ""
"This document gives frequently asked questions (with their answers!) about "
"the Debian distribution (&debian; and others) and about the Debian "
"project. If applicable, pointers to other documentation will be given: we "
"won't quote large parts of external documentation in this document. You'll "
"find out that some answers assume some knowledge of Unix-like operating "
"systems. We'll try to assume as little prior knowledge as possible: answers "
"to general beginners questions will be kept simple."
msgstr ""
"この文書は Debian ディストリビューション (&debian; その他) や Debian プロジェ"
"クトについてよく聞かれる疑問 (その回答も!) を集めています。他の文書へのポイン"
"タで済ませることができるものについてはそのようにしています: この文書に外部文書"
"から大々的に引用することはしません。Unix 類似オペレーティングシステムについて"
"知識はできるだけ少なく済むように努めます: 初心者一般の疑問に対する回答は簡単な"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:19
msgid ""
"If you can't find what you're looking for in this FAQ, be sure to check out "
"<ref id=\"debiandocs\">. If even that doesn't help, refer to <ref "
msgstr ""
"探しているものがこの FAQ から見つけられない場合は <ref id=\"debiandocs\"> を確"
"認してください。それでもわからないときは <ref id=\"feedback\"> を参照してくだ"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:21
msgid "What is &debian;?"
msgstr "&debian; とは何?"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:24
msgid ""
"&debian; is a particular <em>distribution</em> of the Linux operating "
"system, and numerous packages that run on it."
msgstr ""
"&debian; は独特の Linux オペレーティングシステム<em>ディストリビューション</"

#. type: <p><list>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:25
msgid "&debian; is:"
msgstr "&debian; は:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:32
msgid ""
"<strong>full featured</strong>: Debian includes more than &all-pkgs; "
"software packages at present. Users can select which packages to install; "
"Debian provides a tool for this purpose. You can find a list and "
"descriptions of the packages currently available in Debian at any of the "
"Debian <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/distrib/ftplist\"; name=\"mirror "
msgstr ""
"<strong>機能満載</strong>: Debian には現在 &all-pkgs; 超のソフトウェアパッケー"
"の目的のためのツールを Debian は提供しています。現在 Debian で利用可能なパッ"
"ケージの一覧や説明は任意の Debian <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/distrib/";
"ftplist\" name=\"ミラーサイト\">で探せます。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:38
msgid ""
"<strong>free to use and redistribute</strong>: There is no consortium "
"membership or payment required to participate in its distribution and "
"development. All packages that are formally part of &debian; are free to "
"redistribute, usually under terms specified by the GNU General Public "
msgstr ""
"<strong>利用や再配布を自由にできます</strong>: ディストリビューションに首を"
"正式に &debian; の一部であるパッケージは全て、通常は GPL (GNU General Public "
"License) により指定される条件の下で自由に再配布できます。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:42
msgid ""
"The Debian FTP archives also carry approximately &contrib-nonfree-pkgs; "
"software packages (in the <tt>non-free</tt> and <tt>contrib</tt> sections), "
"which are distributable under specific terms included with each package."
msgstr ""
"Debian FTP アーカイブにはそれぞれのパッケージで指定される特定の条件の下で配布"
"できる約 &contrib-nonfree-pkgs; ソフトウェアパッケージ (<tt>non-free</tt> や "
"<tt>contrib</tt> セクションにあるもの) も収められています。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:45
msgid ""
"<strong>dynamic</strong>: With about &developers; volunteers constantly "
"contributing new and improved code, Debian is evolving rapidly. The FTP "
"archives are updated twice every day."
msgstr ""
"<strong>活動的</strong>: 約 &developers; 人の有志が新しい、改善したコードを絶"
"えず提供していることで、Debian は急速に進化しています。FTP アーカイブは毎日二"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:60
msgid ""
"Most Linux users run a specific <em>distribution</em> of Linux, like "
"&debian;. However, in principle, users could obtain the Linux kernel via the "
"Internet or from elsewhere, and compile it themselves. They could then "
"obtain source code for many applications in the same way, compile the "
"programs, then install them into their systems. For complicated programs, "
"this process can be not only time-consuming but error-prone. To avoid it, "
"users often choose to obtain the operating system and the application "
"packages from one of the Linux distributors. What distinguishes the various "
"Linux distributors are the software, protocols, and practices they use for "
"packaging, installing, and tracking applications packages on users' systems, "
"combined with installation and maintenance tools, documentation, and other "
msgstr ""
"ほとんどの Linux ユーザは例えば &debian; のような Linux の特定の<em>ディストリ"
"こかから Linux カーネルを取得して自分でコンパイルすることができます。それから"
"ティングシステムやアプリケーションパッケージを Linux 配布者から取得することを"
"選択するユーザが多くいます。様々な Linux 配布者を特徴づけるものはパッケージ化"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:66
msgid ""
"&debian; is the result of a volunteer effort to create a free, high-quality "
"Unix-compatible operating system, complete with a suite of applications. The "
"idea of a free Unix-like system originates from the GNU project, and many of "
"the applications that make &debian; so useful were developed by the GNU "
msgstr ""
"&debian; はフリーで高品質な Unix 互換オペレーティングシステムを作る有志による"
"取り組みの成果で、アプリケーション一式を備えています。フリーの Unix 類似システ"
"ムという構想は GNU プロジェクトが起源で、&debian; をとても有用なものにする多数"
"のアプリケーションは GNU プロジェクトにより開発されました。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:74
msgid ""
"For Debian, free has the GNUish meaning (see the <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines\"; name=\"Debian Free "
"Software Guidelines\">). When we speak of free software, we are referring to "
"freedom, not price. Free software means that you have the freedom to "
"distribute copies of free software, that you receive source code or can get "
"it if you want it, that you can change the software or use pieces of it in "
"new free programs; and that you know you can do these things."
msgstr ""
"Debian ではフリーには GNU での意味があります (<url id=\"http://www.debian.org/";
"social_contract#guidelines\" name=\"Debian フリーソフトウェアガイドライン "
"(DFSG)\"> 参照)。私達がフリーソフトウェアについて話すときには、自由のことを指"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:78
msgid ""
"The Debian Project was created by Ian Murdock in 1993, initially under the "
"sponsorship of the Free Software Foundation's GNU project. Today, Debian's "
"developers think of it as a direct descendent of the GNU project."
msgstr ""
"Debian プロジェクトは Ian Murdock さんによって 1993 年に創設され、初期は FSF "
"の GNU プロジェクトによる支援を受けました。現在では、GNU プロジェクトの直系の"
"子孫プロジェクトだと Debian の開発者は考えています。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:85
msgid ""
"Although &debian; itself is free software, it is a base upon which "
"value-added Linux distributions can be built. By providing a reliable, "
"full-featured base system, Debian provides Linux users with increased "
"compatibility, and allows Linux distribution creators to eliminate "
"duplication of effort and focus on the things that make their distribution "
"special. See <ref id=\"childistro\"> for more information."
msgstr ""
"&debian; 自体はフリーソフトウェアですが、付加価値のある Linux ディストリビュー"
"ることで Debian は Linux ユーザに更なる互換性を提供し、Linux ディストリビュー"
"ことに注力できます。さらなる情報については、<ref id=\"childistro\"> を見てくだ"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:87
msgid "OK, now I know what Debian is... what is Linux?!"
msgstr "これで Debian が何なのかはわかった。。。では Linux とは何?>"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:92
msgid ""
"In short, Linux is the kernel of a Unix-like operating system. It was "
"originally designed for 386 (and better) PCs; today Linux also runs on a "
"dozen of other systems. Linux is written by Linus Torvalds and many computer "
"scientists around the world."
msgstr ""
"一言で言えば Linux は Unix 類似オペレーティングシステムのカーネルです。元々は "
"386 (以上) の PC 向けに設計されました。現在では Linux は他の多くのシステムでも"
"動作します。Linux は Linus Torvalds および世界中の多数のコンピュータ科学者によ"

#. type: <p><list>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:93
msgid "Besides its kernel, a \"Linux\" system usually has:"
msgstr "カーネル以外に、\"Linux\" システムには通常、"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:95
msgid ""
"a file system that follows the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard <url "
msgstr ""
"Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard <url id=\"http://www.pathname.com/fhs/\";> "

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:98
msgid ""
"a wide range of Unix utilities, many of which have been developed by the GNU "
"project and the Free Software Foundation."
msgstr ""
"その多くが GNU プロジェクトや Free Software Foundation により開発されている広範"
"な Unix ユーティリティ。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:104
msgid ""
"The combination of the Linux kernel, the file system, the GNU and FSF "
"utilities, and the other utilities are designed to achieve compliance with "
"the POSIX (IEEE 1003.1) standard; see <ref id=\"otherunices\">."
msgstr ""
"があります。Linux カーネルやこのファイルシステム、GNU や FSF によるユーティリ"
"ティ、それ以外のユーティリティを組み合わせることで POSIX (IEEE 1003.1) 標準へ"
"の準拠を実現しています。<ref id=\"otherunices\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:107
msgid ""
"For more information about Linux, see <url id=\"http://www.linux.org/info/\"; "
"name=\"What is Linux\"> by <url id=\"http://www.linux.org/\"; name=\"Linux "
msgstr ""
"Linux のさらなる情報については、<url id=\"http://www.linux.org/\"; name=\""
"Linux Online\"> による <url id=\"http://www.linux.org/info/\"; name=\"What is "
"Linux\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:109
msgid "Does Debian just do GNU/Linux?"
msgstr "Debian は GNU/Linux だけ?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:114
msgid ""
"Currently, Debian is only available for Linux, but with Debian GNU/Hurd and "
"Debian on BSD kernels, we have started to offer non-Linux-based OSes as a "
"development, server and desktop platform, too. However, these non-linux "
"ports are not officially released yet."
msgstr ""

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:116
msgid "The oldest porting effort is Debian GNU/Hurd."
msgstr "最初に移植に取りかかったのは Debian GNU/Hurd でした。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:119
msgid ""
"The Hurd is a set of servers running on top of the GNU Mach "
"microkernel. Together they build the base for the GNU operating system."
msgstr ""
"Hurd は GNU Mach マイクロカーネル上で動作するサーバ群です。GNU オペレー"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:123
msgid ""
"Please see <url id=\"http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/\";> for more "
"information about the GNU/Hurd in general, and <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/\";> for more information about Debian "
msgstr ""
"GNU/Hurd 全般のさらなる情報については <url id=\"http://www.gnu.org/software/";
"hurd/\">、Debian GNU/Hurd のさらなる情報については <url id=\"http://www.";
"debian.org/ports/hurd/\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:126
msgid ""
"A second effort is the port to a BSD kernel. People are working with both "
"the NetBSD and the FreeBSD kernels."
msgstr ""
"次に取りかかったのは BSD カーネルへの移植でした。 People are working with bot"
"h the NetBSD and the FreeBSD kernels."

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:129
msgid ""
"See <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/ports/#nonlinux\";> for more information "
"about these non-linux ports."
msgstr ""
"こういった linux 以外への移植版のさらなる情報については <url id=\"http://www.";
"debian.org/ports/#nonlinux\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:133
msgid ""
"What is the difference between &debian; and other Linux distributions? Why "
"should I choose Debian over some other distribution?"
msgstr ""
"&debian; と他の Linux ディストリビューションの違いは何? 他のディストリビュー"
"ションよりも Debian を選択すべき理由は?"

#. type: <p><taglist>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:135
msgid "These key features distinguish Debian from other Linux distributions:"
msgstr ""
"他の Linux ディストリビューションと Debian の違いを特徴づける重要な特色は:"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:137
msgid "Freedom:"
msgstr "自由:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:146
msgid ""
"As stated in the <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/social_contract\"; "
"name=\"Debian Social Contract\">, Debian will remain 100% free. Debian is "
"very strict about shipping truly free software. The guidelines used to "
"determine if a work is \"free\" are provided in <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines\"; name=\"The Debian "
"Free Software\">."
msgstr ""
"<url id=\"http://www.debian.org/social_contract\"; name=\"Debian 社会契約\">で"
"述べられているように、Debian は 100% フリーを維持します。Debian は真にフリーで"
"のか判断するためのガイドラインは <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/social_contra";
"ct#guidelines\" name=\"Debian フリーソフトウェア\">で提供されています。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:146
msgid "The Debian package maintenance system:"
msgstr "Debian パッケージ保守システム:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:156
msgid ""
"The entire system, or any individual component of it, can be upgraded in "
"place without reformatting, without losing custom configuration files, and "
"(in most cases) without rebooting the system. Most Linux distributions "
"available today have some kind of package maintenance system; the Debian "
"package maintenance system is unique and particularly robust (see <ref "
msgstr ""
"で、独自の設定ファイルを失うことや (ほとんどの場合) システムを再起動する必要は"
"ありません。現在の Linux ディストリビューションはほとんどがある種のパッケージ"
"保守システムを利用可能です。Debian のパッケージ保守システムはその堅牢性に特化"
"し、また差別化を図っています (<ref id=\"pkg_basics\"> 参照)。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:156
msgid "Open development:"
msgstr "開かれた開発:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:161
msgid ""
"Whereas other Linux distributions are developed by individuals, small, "
"closed groups, or commercial vendors, Debian is the only major Linux "
"distribution that is being developed cooperatively by many individuals "
"through the Internet, in the same spirit as Linux and other free software."
msgstr ""
"他の Linux ディストリビューションが個人や小規模な内輪の集団、あるいは商用ベン"
"ダーにより開発されているのに対し、Debian は唯一、多数の個人によりインターネッ"
"ト経由で協調しながら開発されている主要 Linux ディストリビューションです。これ"
"は Linux その他のフリーソフトウェアと同一の精神によるものです。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:170
msgid ""
"More than &developers; volunteer package maintainers are working on over "
"&all-pkgs; packages and improving &debian;. The Debian developers contribute "
"to the project not by writing new applications (in most cases), but by "
"packaging existing software according to the standards of the project, by "
"communicating bug reports to upstream developers, and by providing user "
"support. See also additional information on how to become a contributor in "
"<ref id=\"contrib\">."
msgstr ""
"&developers; 人以上の有志であるパッケージメンテナが &all-pkgs; 以上のパッケー"
"ジについて作業し、&debian; を改善しています。Debian の開発者のプロジェクトへの"
"貢献は (ほとんどの場合) 新しいアプリケーションを作成することだけではなく、既存"
"す。貢献者になる方法に関する追加情報は <ref id=\"contrib\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:170
msgid "The Universal Operating System:"
msgstr "ユニバーサルオペレーティングシステム:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:179
msgid ""
"Debian comes with <url id=\"http://packages.debian.org/stable/\"; name=\"more "
"than &all-pkgs; packages\"> and runs on <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/ports/\"; name=\"&archs; architectures\">. This is "
"far more than is available for any other GNU/Linux distribution. See <ref "
"id=\"apps\"> for an overview of the provided software and see <ref "
"id=\"arches\"> for a description of the supported hardware platforms."
msgstr ""
"Debian には <url id=\"http://packages.debian.org/stable/\"; name=\"&all-pkgs; "
"以上のパッケージ\">が付属し、<url id=\"http://www.debian.org/ports/\"; name=\""
"&archs; のアーキテクチャ\">で動作します。これは他のどのGNU/Linux ディストリ"
"るソフトウェアの概要については <ref id=\"apps\">、サポートしているハードウェア"
"基盤の説明については <ref id=\"arches\"> を見てください。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:179
msgid "The Bug Tracking System:"
msgstr "バグ追跡システム"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:195
msgid ""
"The geographical dispersion of the Debian developers required sophisticated "
"tools and quick communication of bugs and bug-fixes to accelerate the "
"development of the system. Users are encouraged to send bugs in a formal "
"style, which are quickly accessible by WWW archives or via e-mail. See "
"additional information in this FAQ on the management of the bug log in <ref "
msgstr ""
"Debian 開発者が地理的に分散していることで、バグについて迅速にやりとりし、バグを"
"ユーザはバグを決まった形式で送ることを奨励され、その結果 WWW アーカイブやメール"
"経由で迅速にアクセスできるようになります。この FAQ のバグ記録の管理 <ref id=\""
"buglogs\"> にある追加情報を見てください。"

#. type: <tag></tag>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:195
msgid "The Debian Policy:"
msgstr "Debian ポリシー:"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:199
msgid ""
"Debian has an extensive specification of our standards of quality, the "
"Debian Policy. This document defines the qualities and standards to which we "
"hold Debian packages."
msgstr ""
"Debian には品質標準を広範囲にわたり説明している Debian ポリシーがあります。こ"
"の文書では私達が保持する Debian パッケージの品質と標準を定めています。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:204
msgid ""
"For additional information about this, please see our web page about <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/intro/why_debian\"; name=\"reasons to choose "
msgstr ""
"これについての追加情報は <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/intro/why_debian\"; "
"name=\"Debian を選ぶ理由\">にある私達のウェブページを見てください。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:207
msgid ""
"How does the Debian project fit in or compare with the Free Software "
"Foundation's GNU project?"
msgstr ""
"Debian プロジェクトは Free Software Foundation の GNU プロジェクトにとってどう"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:213
msgid ""
"The Debian system builds on the ideals of free software first championed by "
"the <url id=\"http://www.gnu.org/\"; name=\"Free Software Foundation\"> and "
"in particular by <url id=\"http://www.stallman.org/\"; name=\"Richard "
"Stallman\">. FSF's powerful system development tools, utilities, and "
"applications are also a key part of the Debian system."
msgstr ""
"Debian システムは <url id=\"http://www.gnu.org/\"; name=\"Free Software "
"Foundation\"> と特に <url id=\"http://www.stallman.org/\"; name=\"Richard "
"Stallman\"> により初めて推進されたフリーソフトウェアの理想を土台に作られていま"
"す。FSF の強力なシステム開発ツールやユーティリティ、アプリケーションもすべて "
"Debian システムの要です。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:218
msgid ""
"The Debian Project is a separate entity from the FSF, however we communicate "
"regularly and cooperate on various projects. The FSF explicitly requested "
"that we call our system \"&debian;\", and we are happy to comply with that "
msgstr ""

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:223
msgid ""
"The FSF's long-standing objective is to develop a new operating system "
"called GNU, based on <url id=\"http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/\"; "
"name=\"Hurd\">. Debian is working with FSF on this system, called <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/\"; name=\"Debian GNU/Hurd\">."
msgstr ""
"FSF の長期目標は <url id=\"http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/\"; name=\"Hurd\"> "
"をベースにした GNU と呼ばれる、新しいオペレーティングシステムを開発することで"
"す。Debian は <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/\"; name=\"Debian GNU/"
"Hurd\"> というこのシステムについて FSF とともに作業しています。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:42 basic_defs.sgml:226
msgid "How does one pronounce Debian and what does this word mean?"
msgstr "Debian の発音とその意味は何?"

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