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[debian-faq] contrib

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:5
msgid "Contributing to the Debian Project"
msgstr "Debian プロジェクトへの寄付"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:11
msgid ""
"<url id=\"&debian-donation;\" name=\"Donations\"> of time (to develop new "
"packages, maintain existing packages, or provide user support), resources "
"(to mirror the FTP and WWW archives), and money (to pay for new testbeds as "
"well as hardware for the archives) can help the project."
msgstr ""
"時間 (新しいパッケージの開発や既存パッケージの保守、ユーザサポートの提供)、リ"
"ソース (FTP や WWW アーカイブのミラー)、資金 (新しい試験環境やアーカイブ用ハー"
"ドウェアの購入) 等を<url id=\"&debian-donation;\" name=\"寄付\">することでプロ"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:13
msgid "How can I become a Debian software developer?"
msgstr "Debian ソフトウェアの開発者になる方法は?"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:18
msgid ""
"The development of Debian is open to all, and new users with the right "
"skills and/or the willingness to learn are needed to maintain existing "
"packages which have been \"orphaned\" by their previous maintainers, to "
"develop new packages, and to provide user support."
msgstr ""
"Debian の開発は万人に開かれています。前のメンテナによる保守を「放棄」された既"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:22
msgid ""
"The description of becoming a Debian developer can be found at the <url "
"id=\"http://www.debian.org/devel/join/newmaint\"; name=\"New Member's "
"Corner\"> at the Debian web site."
msgstr ""
"Debian 開発者になるための説明は Debian ウェブサイトの<url id=\"http://www.";
"debian.org/devel/join/newmaint\" name=\"新規メンバーのコーナー\">にあります。"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:25
msgid "How can I contribute resources to the Debian project?"
msgstr "Debian プロジェクトにリソースを提供する方法は?"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:31
msgid ""
"Since the project aims to make a substantial body of software rapidly and "
"easily accessible throughout the globe, mirrors are urgently needed. It is "
"desirable but not absolutely necessary to mirror all of the archive. Please "
"visit the <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/mirror/size\"; name=\"Debian mirror "
"size\"> page for information on the disk space requirements."
msgstr ""
"についての情報は <url id=\"http://www.debian.org/mirror/size\"; name=\"Debian "

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:35
msgid ""
"Most of the mirroring is accomplished entirely automatically by scripts, "
"without any interaction. However, the occasional glitch or system change "
"occurs which requires human intervention."
msgstr ""

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:40
msgid ""
"If you have a high-speed connection to the Internet, the resources to mirror "
"all or part of the distribution, and are willing to take the time (or find "
"someone) who can provide regular maintenance of the system, then please "
"contact <email>debian-admin@lists.debian.org</email>."
msgstr ""
"るリソースがあり、システムの定期的な保守を提供できる (人がいる) 場合、<email>"
"debian-admin@lists.debian.org</email> に連絡してください。"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:43
msgid "How can I contribute financially to the Debian project?"
msgstr "Debian プロジェクトに資金提供する方法は?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:46
msgid ""
"One can make individual donations to one of two organizations that are "
"critical to the development of the Debian project."
msgstr ""
"Debian プロジェクト開発のために重要な組織が2つあり個々の寄付ができます。"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:48
msgid "Software in the Public Interest"
msgstr "Software in the Public Interest (SPI)"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:52
msgid ""
"Software in the Public Interest (SPI) is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit "
"organization, formed when FSF withdrew their sponsorship of Debian. The "
"purpose of the organization is to develop and distribute free software."
msgstr ""
"Software in the Public Interest (SPI) は IRS 501(c)(3) の非営利組織で、FSF が "
"Debian の資金提供から撤退したときに作られました。この組織の目的はフリーソフト"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:60
msgid ""
"Our goals are very much like those of FSF, and we encourage programmers to "
"use the GNU General Public License on their programs. However, we have a "
"slightly different focus in that we are building and distributing a Linux "
"system that diverges in many technical details from the GNU system as "
"originally planned by FSF. We still communicate with FSF, and we cooperate "
"in sending them changes to GNU software and in asking our users to donate to "
"FSF and the GNU project."
msgstr ""
"私達の目標は FSF と非常によく似ていて、プログラマに対しては作成したプログラム"
"に GNU General Public License の採用を奨励しています。元々 FSF により設計され"
"た GNU システムから細部の技術では多くの面で分岐している Linux システムを作って"
"配布していることでわずかに異なる視点を持っていますが、私達は今でも FSF とやり"
"とりし、GNU ソフトウェアに対する変更を送ったり、FSF や GNU プロジェクトに寄付"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:62
msgid "SPI can be reached at: <url id=\"http://www.spi-inc.org/\";>."
msgstr "SPI には <url id=\"http://www.spi-inc.org/\";> から連絡できます。"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:64
msgid "Free Software Foundation"
msgstr "Free Software Foundation"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:54 contrib.sgml:74
msgid ""
"At this time there is no formal connection between Debian and the Free "
"Software Foundation. However, the Free Software Foundation is responsible "
"for some of the most important software components in Debian, including the "
"GNU C compiler, GNU Emacs, and much of the C run-time library that is used "
"by all programs on the system. FSF pioneered much of what free software is "
"today: they wrote the General Public License that is used on much of the "
"Debian software, and they invented the \"GNU\" project to create an entirely "
"free Unix system. Debian should be considered a descendent of the GNU "
msgstr ""
"現時点で Debian と Free Software Foundation の間に正式なつながりはありません。"
"しかし、Free Software Foundation は Debian のソフトウェアの最も重要な構成要素"
"をいくらか、例えば GNU C コンパイラや GNU Emacs、システム上の全プログラムによ"
"り利用される C ランタイムライブラリの大部分を担当しています。 FSF はフリーソフ"
"トウェアとは何なのかということの大部分を開拓しました: Debian ソフトウェアの大"
"部分で利用されている General Public License を書き、完全にフリーの Unix システ"
"ムを作成する「GNU」プロジェクトを作りました。Debian は GNU システムの子孫だと"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:3
msgid "FSF can be reached at: <url id=\"http://www.fsf.org/\";>."
msgstr ""
"FSF には <url id=\"http://www.fsf.org/\";> から連絡できます。"

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