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[debian-faq] redist

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:5
msgid "Redistributing &debian; in a commercial product"
msgstr "商用製品での &debian; の再配布"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:7
msgid "Can I make and sell Debian CDs?"
msgstr "Debian CD を作成、販売することはできますか?"

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#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:14
msgid ""
"Go ahead. You do not need permission to distribute anything we have "
"<em>released</em>, so that you can master your CD as soon as the beta-test "
"ends. You do not have to pay us anything. Of course, all CD manufacturers "
"must honor the licenses of the programs in Debian. For example, many of the "
"programs are licensed under the GPL, which requires you to distribute their "
"source code."
msgstr ""
"ありません。もちろん全CD製作者が Debian プログラムのライセンスを守る必要があり"
"ます。例えば多くのプログラムは GPL の下でライセンスされ、ソースコードの配布を"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:18
msgid ""
"Also, we will publish a list of CD manufacturers who donate money, software, "
"and time to the Debian project, and we will encourage users to buy from "
"manufacturers who donate, so it is good advertising to make donations."
msgstr ""
"また、資金やソフトウェア、時間を Debian プロジェクトに寄付してくれた CD 製作者"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:20
msgid "Can Debian be packaged with non-free software?"
msgstr ""
"Debian はフリーではないソフトウェアを収録してパッケージ化することはできますか?"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:24
msgid ""
"Yes. While all the main components of Debian are free software, we provide a "
"non-free directory for programs that are not freely redistributable."
msgstr ""
"はい。Debian の主な構成要素は全てフリーソフトウェアですが、自由に再配布できな"
"いプログラムのために non-free ディレクトリを提供しています。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:33
msgid ""
"CD manufacturers <em>may</em> be able to distribute the programs we have "
"placed in that directory, depending on the license terms or their private "
"arrangements with the authors of those software packages. CD manufacturers "
"can also distribute the non-free software they get from other sources on the "
"same CD. This is nothing new: free and commercial software are distributed "
"on the same CD by many manufacturers now. Of course we still encourage "
"software authors to release the programs they write as free software."
msgstr ""

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:37
msgid ""
"I am making a special Linux distribution for a \"vertical market\". Can I "
"use &debian; for the guts of a Linux system and add my own applications on "
"top of it?"
msgstr ""
"「仮想マーケット」向けの特別な Linux ディストリビューションを作成しています。"
"この Linux システムの中核に &debian; を使ってその上に自分のアプリケーションを"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:43
msgid ""
"Yes. Debian-derived distributions are being created both in close "
"cooperation with the Debian project itself and by external parties. One can "
"use the <url id=\"http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/\"; name=\"Custom Debian "
"Distributions\"> framework to work together with Debian; <url "
"id=\"http://www.skolelinux.org/\"; name=\"Skolelinux\"> is one such project."
msgstr ""
"はい。Debian 派生ディストリビューションは Debian プロジェクト自体と密接な協力"
"関係にあるものと外部団体によるものと、両方が作られています。Debian と共に作業"
"するのに <url id=\"http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/\"; name=\"Custom Debian "
"Distributions\"> 基盤を利用できます。<url id=\"http://www.skolelinux.org/\"; "
"name=\"Skolelinux\"> はこういったプロジェクトの1つです。"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:48
msgid ""
"There are several other Debian-derived distributions already on the market, "
"such as Progeny Debian, Linspire, Knoppix and Ubuntu, that are targeted at a "
"different kind of audience than the original &debian; is, but use most of "
"our components in their product."
msgstr ""
"他の Debian 派生ディストリビューションが Progeny Debian や Linspire、Knoppix、"
"Ubuntu 等既に複数、世に出ています。元の &debian; とは異なる層を対象としていま"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:53
msgid ""
"Debian also provides a mechanism to allow developers and system "
"administrators to install local versions of selected files in such a way "
"that they will not be overwritten when other packages are upgraded. This is "
"discussed further in the question on <ref id=\"divert\">."
msgstr ""
"Debian は、開発者やシステム管理者が選択したファイルのローカル版をインストール"
"も提供しています。これについては <ref id=\"divert\"> の質問で詳細に述べていま"

#. type: <heading></heading>
#: debian-faq.sgml:55 redist.sgml:56
msgid ""
"Can I put my commercial program in a Debian \"package\" so that it installs "
"effortlessly on any Debian system?"
msgstr ""
"Debian「パッケージ」に自分の商用プログラムを加えて任意の Debian システムに手間"

#. type: <p></p>
#: debian-faq.sgml:56 nexttime.sgml:3
msgid ""
"Go right ahead. The package tool is free software; the packages may or may "
"not be free software, it can install them all."
msgstr ""

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