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d-iマニュアル(再掲): boot-*

#全文一括は http://lists.debian.or.jp/debian-doc/201305/msg00051.html


#: boot-installer.xml:1499
#, no-c-format
msgid ""
"On YDL Powerstation machine, pres <keycap>s</keycap> immediately after "
"<quote>Press 's' to enter Open Firmware</quote> message, when SLOF prompt "
"appears type"
msgstr ""
"YDL Powerstation マシンでは、<quote>Press 's' to enter Open Firmware</quote> "
"というメッセージが表示されたらすぐに <keycap>s</keycap> キーを押し続け、SLOF "

#: boot-installer.xml:1504
#, no-c-format
msgid "0 > boot cdrom"
msgstr "0 > boot cdrom"

#: boot-installer.xml:2005
#, no-c-format
msgid ""
"For users with low vision, the installer can use a high-contrast color theme "
"that makes it more readable. To enable it, append the <userinput>theme=dark</"
"userinput> boot parameter."
msgstr ""
"採用したテーマを使用できます。これを有効にするには、ブートパラメータに "
"<userinput>theme=dark</userinput> を追加してください。"

#: boot-installer.xml:2058
#, no-c-format
msgid "Boot console"
msgstr "ブートコンソール"

#: boot-installer.xml:2072
#, no-c-format
msgid ""
"You may need to specify parameters for the serial port, such as speed and "
"parity, for instance <userinput>console=ttyS0,9600n8</userinput>; other "
"typical speeds may be 57600 or 115200."
msgstr ""
"もしれません。例えば <userinput>console=ttyS0,9600n8</userinput>。他の速度と"
"しては 57600 や 115200 が代表的です。"


#: boot-new.xml:282
#, no-c-format
msgid ""
"If any volume holding noncritical system files could not be mounted "
"(<filename>/usr</filename> or <filename>/var</filename>), the system should "
"still boot and you should be able to mount the volumes manually like in the "
"previous case. However, you will also need to (re)start any services usually "
"running in your default runlevel because it is very likely that they were "
"not started. The easiest way is to just reboot the computer."
msgstr ""
"クリティカルでないシステムファイルを扱うボリューム (<filename>/usr</"
"filename> や <filename>/var</filename>) がマウントできなかった場合、それでも"
"い可能性があるので、(再) 起動する必要があります。最も簡単なのはコンピュータ"

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