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[po-debconf] cinder


#: ../cinder-common.templates:1001
msgid "Start cinder services at boot?"
msgstr "ブート時に Cinder サービスを開始しますか?"

Before continuing, you should ... the following
->  If you want to set one up now, please ... all needed
#: ../cinder-common.templates:2001
msgid ""
"No database has been set up for Cinder to use. If you want to set one up "
"now, please make sure you have all needed information:"
msgstr ""
"Cinder で利用するデータベースが用意されていません。用意する場合は必要な情報が"

#: ../cinder-common.templates:2001
msgid ""
" * the host name of the database server (which must allow TCP\n"
"   connections from this machine);\n"
" * a username and password to access the database;\n"
" * the type of database management software you want to use."
msgstr ""
" * データベースサーバのホスト名 (このマシンからの\n"
"   TCP 接続を許可しなければなりません)\n"
" * データベースにアクセスするためのユーザ名とパスワード\n"
" * 使いたいデータベースの種類"

#: ../cinder-common.templates:2001
msgid ""
"If you don't choose this option, no database will be set up and Cinder will "
"use regular SQLite support."
msgstr ""
"このオプションを選択しない場合、データベースは用意されず Cinder は標準の "
"SQLite を利用します。"

#: ../cinder-common.templates:2001
msgid ""
"You can change this setting later on by running \"dpkg-reconfigure -plow "
msgstr ""
"この設定は後で「dpkg-reconfigure -plow cinder-common」を実行することにより変更"

hostname->URL;the auth...->your Cinder auth...
#: ../cinder-common.templates:3001
msgid ""
"Please specify the URL of your Cinder authentication server. Typically  this "
"is also the URL of your OpenStack Identity Service (Keystone)."
msgstr ""
"Cinder 認証用サーバの URL を指定してください。これは通常 OpenStack Identity "
"Service (Keystone) の URL にもなります。"

+ (vg) 
#: ../cinder-common.templates:7001
msgid ""
"Please specify the name of the LVM volume group (vg) on which Cinder will "
"create partitions."
msgstr ""
"Cinder にパーティションを作成させる LVM ボリュームグループ (vg) の名前を指定し"

#: ../cinder-api.templates:1001
msgid "Register Cinder in the keystone endpoint catalog?"
msgstr "Cinder を Keystone の端末リストに登録しますか?"

#: ../cinder-api.templates:1001
msgid ""
"Each Openstack services (each API) should be registered in order to be "
"accessible. This is done using \"keystone service-create\" and \"keystone "
"endpoint-create\". Select if you want to run these commands now."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack のサービスごと (API ごと) に、アクセスできるようにするため登録すべ"
"きです。「keystone service-create」と「keystone endpoint-create」を使って登録"

#: ../cinder-api.templates:1001
msgid ""
"Note that you will need to have an up and running keystone server on which "
"to connect using the Keystone auth token."
msgstr ""
"Keystone 認証文字列を使って接続する先の Keystone サーバが必要なことに注意して"

#: ../cinder-api.templates:2001
msgid "Keystone IP address:"
msgstr "Keystone の IP アドレス:"

#: ../cinder-api.templates:2001
msgid ""
"Enter the IP address of your keystone server, so that cinder-api can contact "
"Keystone to do the Cinder service and endpoint creation."
msgstr ""
"Keystone サーバの IP アドレスを入力してください。それにより cinder-api は "
"Keystone と通信し、Cinder サービスや端末の作成ができるようになります。"

#: ../cinder-api.templates:4001
msgid ""
"Enter the IP address that will be used to contact Cinder (eg: the Cinder "
"endpoint IP address)."
msgstr ""
"Cinder への通信に利用する IP アドレス (例えば Cinder 端末の IP アドレス) を入"

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