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[debian-users:09518] Xlocale Problem (was Re: font fixed and Japanized window managers)

後藤@東工大です。X 関連の便乗質問です (^_^;

今日 X 関連を と にあげてみたところ、
kterm が _Xsetlocale がないと言って立ち上がらなくなりました。
# なぜ今頃?

	grep Xsetlocale *|strings|grep :

しょうがないので、kterm_6.2.0-13.dsc 引っ張ってきて



 *** Req base     ldso         1.9.9-5     1.9.9-5     The Linux dynamic linker, library and utilities.
 *** Req base     libc6        2.0.7u-4    2.0.7u-4    The GNU C library version 2 (run-time files).
 *** Req base     libncurses4  4.2-2       4.2-2       Shared libraries for terminal handling
 *** Std admin    locales      2.0.7u-4    2.0.7u-4    Locale data files and utilities.
 *** Std x11      xbase  X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
 *** Std x11      xlib6g  shared libraries required by X clients
 *** Opt libs     wcsmbs-local 0.4.6       0.4.6       WC<->MBC convert function libraries for Japanese in glibc-2.x
 *** Opt x11      xserver-xtt- X server for S3 chipset-based graphics cards with X-TrueType support
 *** Opt x11      xserver-xtt- X server for VGA graphics cards with X-TrueType support
 *** Opt x11      xslibg  statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6g
 *** Xtr x11      kterm        6.2.0-13    6.2.0-13    Multi-lingual terminal emulator for X.

 後藤 正徳 : GOTO Masanori