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[debian-users:38042] Re: Bug#194016: Printing manual page in postscript

> > Masatoshi Suehiro <gully@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> reported that 
> > groff is able to display Japanese characters properly 
> > when the following modifications are done.
> > 
> > Without the following modification, viewing with 
> > "man -Tps man | gv -" gives an undesired result where
> > the manual page content goes over the page on the right
> > hand side, when locale is ja_JP.eucJP.
> Oops, I forgot about this. Thanks, I'll upload this in a moment.
> Could you by any chance tell me what packages I need to install in order
> to get gv to show me Japanese characters, though? I don't get anything
> at all sensible at the moment.

gs-cjk-resource and cmap-adobe-japan1 should be enough to get gs to display Japanese