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[debian-users:51772] Re: 追加のインストール


1.「Debina GNU/Linux ネットワーク構築ガイド」メディア・テック出版
 「Debian GNU/Linux 4.0r1"Etch"-Official i386 CD Binary-1」

# mount /media/cdrom0
mount: block device /dev/hdc is write protected, mounting read-only
# ls /media/cdrom0
autorun.bat  dist      install.386     pics          readme.mirrors.html
autorun.ing  doc       isolinux        pool          readme.mirrors.txt
debian       install   md5sum.txt      readme.html   readme.txt

# export LANG=C
# apt-cdrom add
E: Unable to locate any package files, perhaps this is not a Debian Disc
# aptitude dist-upgrade
Reading package list...Done
Building dependency tree...Done
Reading extended state information
Initializing package state...Done
Reading task descriptions...Done
Building tag database...Done
No packages will be installed, upgrade, or removed.
0 packages upgrade, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgrade.
Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.

# LANG=C dselect
の手順を踏んで、Installation OK. と表示されたのですが。