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Re: Info for Debian web mirrors


# Cc: debian-www@JP

 JP の Web Admin 宛に来たメールですが、誰か返事出せます ?

In <20000214113418.C27695@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 at Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 11:34:18 -0500,
  on Subject: Info for Debian web mirrors,
   "James A. Treacy" <treacy@debian.org> writes:

> master.d.o holds the source of the web pages along with the list archives,
> bug lists and list archives. This is all mirrored daily directly to the
> following sites:
> www.debian.org
> www.uk.debian.org   Phil Hands <phil@xxxxxxxxx>
> www.au.debian.org   Andrew Howell <andrew@xxxxxxxxx>
> www.dk.debian.org   Michael Kyed <mkyed@xxxxxxxxx>
> www.pl.debian.org   Grzegorz Stelmaszek <greg@xxxxxxxx>
> With the current setup, we could possibly have one more site mirror directly
> from master. rsync is such a huge resource hog that we have had to restrict
> the number of primary mirrors.
> Some sites were mirroring from www.debian.org (=va.debian.org).
> It appears that the accounts have disappeared. Being our main web server,
> and due to the huge resources that rsync requires, this is not the best
> place for people to mirror from anyway. If you are one of those sites,
> either talk to me about mirroring from master or you will have to talk
> to another mirror about mirroring from them.
> Here are some random ideas, items that you should know about and things to
> consider:
>  - we may move the mailing lists to lists.debian.org (it's own virtual server)
>    and remove them from the main site. They will no longer be mirrored. This
>    alone would reduce the mirroring load enough so that master can handle more
>    sites.
>  - I would like all the primary mirrors to be either very popular sites
>    and/or sites that have very good connectivity and are willing to
>    push mirror other sites. This may mean removing some current primary
>    mirrors and adding others. If you wish to become a primary ask, but
>    try to justify why you think you should be.
>  - See if we can use another Debian machine for mirroring. This machine
>    would become a secondary push mirror.
>  - Do you want a debian-web-mirror mailing list set up? It seems silly
>    for (roughly) 15 people, but most of the web mirror maintainers
>    won't subscribe to debian-www, even though it is low volume. This
>    has made communication difficult.
>  - note that the package pages will eventually become dynamically generated.
>    This means they would not be mirrored. This will also decrease the
>    mirror load some (~14000 pages = 4600 packages x three distributions).
>    This will be done when we the package pages become architecture neutral.
>    The alternative is to have either complicated pages or separate pages
>    for each arch (which would mean 5 times as many package pages).
>  - Consider whether you really need a local mirror. If you have a good
>    connection to another mirror, suggest that people use that instead.
> Remember that we want people to have easy access to Debian, but we only
> have limited resources.
> -- 
> James (Jay) Treacy
> treacy@debian.org

 misato が調子良かったら master からもらって国内のミラーには misato から

そういえば先日ミラーサイト関係者に前原さんがメール流されてましたよね ?

(ごそごそ) 7 通送って、返ってきたのは 3 件 ?

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