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Re: cvs.debian.org の commit権取得


久保田さん committer 参加ありがとうございます。

In <87zoetey1p.wl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 on "Sun, 11 Mar 2001 13:15:43 +0900",
 with "Re: cvs.debian.org の commit権取得",
  Tomohiro KUBOTA <tkubota@xxxxxxxxxxx> さん wrote:

> 久保田です。
> At Sun, 11 Mar 2001 12:33:20 +0900,
> Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org> wrote:
> > > えっと、commiter は前原さんと遠藤さんと久保田さんで、うち前原さんが
> > > 翻訳コーディネータとして登録されている、で ok ですよね?
> > 
> > 単に 1 人だけだった頃に書かれたのがそのまま残っているだけで、私だけ特別
> > 扱いなわけではないです。あと、NM 方面のページで作業されている佐野さんに
> > も commit 権限があるはずです。

私は基本的には english/devel/join 以下について作業するということで
 (最近はそれもあまりできてないけど) commit 権をもらっています。
以前 japanese/ 以下にも commit できたような覚えがあるのですが、

In <20010305013622H.kgh12351@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 on "Mon, 5 Mar 2001 01:34:00 +0900",
 with "Re: .org の News/weekly/index.wml",

k> やってみようと思ったんですが、、、
k>   cvs.debian.org: Connection refused
k>   cvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
k> でエラーになっちゃいました。
k> 誰か原因とかわかる人います ?


なんか -boot@Org ML のほうで一時期 cvs.debian.org がおかしいという
話題も出てたみたいなので、その関係なのかな ?




 に履歴が残ってます。しかし、(colored) な diff はバケバケだな、、、>viewcvs)

> 翻訳コーディネータは言語ごとにひとりずつなのではないですか?

よくわかっていませんが、「翻訳チーム」の全員が cvs.debian.org に
 commit 権を持つことはあまり推奨されていないような雰囲気を以前
 debian-www ML のメールで見かけたような。いつだったかな ?

各国 (というか、「各言語」か) の「翻訳チーム」はそれぞれ自前で
 CVS repository を用意して、cvs.debian.org への commit 権を持つ



から始まるスレッドがありますね。最初に Jay Treacy が

     It appears that my suggestion of having only a single CVS account               
     per translation was not that popular. What I am proposing instead               
     is for each translation to have a maximum of two additional people              
     with CVS access. They will each have their own account (e.g.                    
     japanese2 and japanese3).                                                       
     It would be much appreciated if the account owners did not change               
     frequently as we would much rather spend time improving Debian                  
     than doing administration.                                                      
     How does this sound?                                                            



にまた Jay が書いた

     On Sat, Jan 08, 2000 at 09:19:43PM +0300, Michael Sobolev wrote:                
     > To my mind, it's team coordinator who should ask for a new account in main cvs
     > server, request for an account to be removed/disabled/maintained, and trace ho
     > the team members work on the translation.                                     
     The team coordinator is the only one who can ask for a new account.             
     > So my question would be:                                                      
     >     What is the objection to many accounts per translation team?              
     Simply that we don't want to spend our time doing admin work. At                
     the same time, I've realized that only allowing one account per                 
     translation creates a single point of failure. If the coordinator               
     gets sick or simply disappears, a translation stalls. With 2-3                  
     accounts per translation we should be able to keep the translations             
     on a good footing while keeping the admin down to a minimum.                    


     You can also look at it the other way around: if lots of people can make        
     changes to the translation, it is harder for the translation coordinator        
     to keep track of what is going on.                                              
     Our original stance was to only allow one account per translation. I feel       
     allowing 2-3 per translation is a good compromise. Translation coordinators     
     are still free to set up a secondary CVS server and give out as many            
     accounts as they wish.                                                          
     The real problem here is CVS. It isn't very flexible about granting separate    
     permissions for different parts of the same repository. I'd love to be able     
     make it so translations could only modify their portion of the repository       
     and let the coordinators give out as many accounts as they wish for their       

するのですが、何か御存知ですか ?

  (devel/join も改善セヨ! とか言われてるなぁ。そういえば)
     # (わたしのおうちは浜松市、「夜のお菓子」で有名さ。)
    <kgh12351@xxxxxxxxxxx> : Taketoshi Sano (佐野 武俊)