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Re: News/weekly/2005/35/index.wml [part 3]


 From: Kobayashi Noritada
 Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 04:25:22 +0900
 In "debian-www : 08344"

> 小林です。

> News/weekly/2005/35/index.wml の終盤記事 6 本、および
> security updates 情報、orphaned packages 情報、removed packages 情報を
> 訳しました。
> 査読をお願いいたします。
> <p><strong>Ethical Moments in Debian.</strong> Biella Coleman <a
> the successful defence of her dissertation about ethics and politics of the
> Free Software movement and the availability of <a
href="http://healthhacker.org/biella/coleman-chapter-six.pdf";>chapter six</a>
> which covers the Debian project.  In this chapter she explained the internal
> culture in the Debian project that she has investigated during several
> occasions.  According to <a
> Verhelst</a> she certainly has a far better view on the general picture than
> most developers can ever hope to have.</p>

> <p><strong>Ethical Moments in Debian.</strong>
> Biella Coleman さんは、
> フリーソフトウェア運動の倫理と政策に関する彼女の学位論文がきちんと通ったこと、

"Ethical Moments in Debian." が未訳です?

"Debian の倫理 (学) 的なひと時。" とかって訳すんでしょうか。