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+#use wml::debian::template title="Step 1: Application" NOHEADER="true"
#use wml::debian::template title="ステップ 1: 応募者" NOHEADER="true"
#include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/devel/join/nm-steps.inc"
#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.22"

主に未来の Debian 開発者を対象としています。</p>

<h2>ステップ 1: 応募者</h2>
+<h2>Step 1: Application</h2>

+<p>Before applying, prospective New Maintainers should check that they are
+prepared for all parts of the checks. To make this as easy as possible,
+the most important prerequisites are listed below:</p>

 <li><h4>応募者は Debian の理念を承諾しなければなりません</h4>
  <p>応募者は <a href="$(HOME)/social_contract">Debian 社会契約</a>および
   <a href="$(HOME)/social_contract#guidelines">Debian
    フリーソフトウェアガイドライン (DFSG)</a>
   を読んだ上で、Debian 関連の作業にあたってはこれに賛成する必要があります。
+ <li><h4>The Applicant needs to agree with Debian's Philosophy</h4>
+  <p>It is needed that Applicants have read the 
+   <a href="$(HOME)/social_contract">Social Contract</a> and the 
+   <a href="$(HOME)/social_contract#guidelines">Debian Free Software 
+   Guidelines</a> and agree to abide by them in their Debian-related work.
+  </p>
+ </li>

  <p>これは通常、最低一人以上の Debian 開発者による応募者の OpenPGP
+ <li><h4>The Applicant's identity needs to be verified</h4>
+  <p>This is usually done by having at least one signature on the Applicant's
+   OpenPGP key from a Debian Developer. It is also strongly recommended to have
+   more signatures from people who are well connected in the web of trust.
+  </p>

  <p>応募者の地理的環境により他の Debian 開発者による鍵への署名が
  GPG 鍵に添えることで身元の証明方法として認められます。
+  <p>If the Applicant's location makes it <em>impossible</em> to get a key
+   signed by another Debian Developer, a scanned photo of their drivers license
+   or passport signed with their GPG key can be accepted as an alternative
+   method of identification.
+  </p>
+ </li>

+ <li><h4>The Applicant needs to be able to perform their duties as a 
+  developer</h4>
+  <p>This means that the Applicant should have experience of packaging and
+   package maintenance or experience of documenting or translating, depending
+   on the area they want to work in.
+  </p>

+  <p>It's recommended that Applicants get a <a href="newmaint#Sponsor">sponsor</a>
+  to help them achieve this.</p>
+ </li>

  <p>過程の後の方で、<a href="newmaint#AppMan">応募管理者</a>が
   <a href="$(DOC)/debian-policy/">Debian Policy Manual</a>,
   <a href="$(DOC)/developers-reference/">Developers' Reference</a>,
   <a href="$(DOC)/maint-guide/">Debian 新メンテナガイド</a>
+ <li><h4>The Applicant needs to have read the developer documentation</h4>
+  <p>Later on in the process, the <a href="newmaint#AppMan">Application
+   Manager</a> will test the Applicant's knowledge of concepts described in
+   <a href="$(DOC)/debian-policy/">Debian Policy</a>,
+   <a href="$(DOC)/developers-reference/">Developers' Reference</a>,
+   <a href="$(DOC)/maint-guide/">New Maintainers' Guide</a> etc.
+  </p>
+ </li>

  <p>新規メンテナのチェックが終わって Debian 開発者になると、
+ <li><h4>The Applicant needs to have enough free time</h4>
+  <p>Finishing the New Maintainer Checks and being a Debian Developer
+   requires to invest time on a regular basis. Maintaining packages
+   in the main archive is a big commitment and can require quite
+   a lot of time.</p>
+ </li>

 <li><h4>応募者には<a href="newmaint#Advocate">支持者</a>が必要です</h4>
   応募者は Debian の開発に参加すべきです − 既存のパッケージのバグに取り組む、
+ <li><h4>The Applicant needs to have an <a href="newmaint#Advocate">\
+  Advocate</a></h4>
+  <p>In order to persuade a developer to be your advocate, an Applicant should
+   get involved in Debian development &ndash; help tackle open bugs
+   against existing packages, adopt an orphaned package, work on the
+   installer, package useful new software, write or update documentation
+   etc.
+  </p>
+ </li>

<a href="http://nm.debian.org/newnm.php";>新規メンテナの応募</a>を提出することができます。</p>

<p>応募を受け取ると、<a href="./newmaint#FrontDesk">
その人を<a href="./newmaint#Applicant">応募者</a>(つまりあなた)の
<a href="./newmaint#AppMan">応募管理者</a>(AM)に割り当てます。</p>
+<p>After receiving the application, the <a href="./newmaint#FrontDesk">
+Front Desk</a> manages the application. As soon as someone is available
+(this can take some weeks), it will assign them as the <a 
+href="./newmaint#AppMan">Application Manager</a> (AM) for the <a
+href="./newmaint#Applicant">Applicant</a> (i.e. you).</p>

+<p>All further communication should happen between the Applicant and their
+Application Manager, but if problems arise, the Front Desk is your primary
+contact point.</p>

#include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/devel/join/nm-steps.inc"

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