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[org] CD/vendors/adding-form


#use wml::debian::template title="CD ベンダ情報の申請"
#use wml::debian::countries_all
#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.13"

# <p>If you would like to submit information about a vendor of Debian CDs,
# you can do so using the form below.</p>
<p>Debian CD のベンダについての情報を申請したいときには、

# <p>If you are considering selling Debian CDs, you should make sure
# you have examined our <a href="info">vendor information</a> page.</p>
<p>Debian CD の販売を考えているならば、
私たちの<a href="info">ベンダ情報</a>ページで審査済みであるものと期待します。</p>

# <p>Most information provided will be displayed in the vendor list.
# In particular, the e-mail address will also be displayed in the list,
# and will be available to all users.</p>

# <p>It is important that you keep this information up to date. We try to
# check the vendor sites every now and then and if, for example, the web page
# no longer exists or mail bounces, we delete that entry.</p>
私たちはベンダサイトを時折チェックして、もし——たとえば Web ページがもう存在しなかったり、メールが戻ってきたときには、エントリを削除します。</p>

<form method=post action="http://cgi.debian.org/cgi-bin/submit_cdvendor.pl";>

# <h2>CD vendor information</h2>
<h2>CD ベンダ情報</h2>

<input type="radio" name="submissiontype" value="new" checked>
# New vendor listing submission
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
<input type="radio" name="submissiontype" value="update">
# Update of an existing vendor listing

# <p>Vendor name:
<input type="text" name="vendor" size="50"></p>

# <p>URL of vendor:
<p>ベンダの URL
<input type="text" name="url" size="50"></p>

# <p>Do you donate some of the sale price to Debian:
<p>Debian に売上のいくらかを寄付していますか:
# <input type="radio" name="donates" value="yes"> yes
<input type="radio" name="donates" value="yes"> はい
# <input type="radio" name="donates" value="no"> no
<input type="radio" name="donates" value="no"> いいえ

# <p>Type(s) of CDs sold: <br />
<p>販売している CD の種類: <br />
# <label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="official">Official&nbsp;CD</label> <br />
<label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="official">公式CD</label> <br />
# <label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="develsnap">Development&nbsp;Snapshot</label> <br />
<label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="develsnap">開発スナップショット</label> <br />
# <label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="vendor">Vendor&nbsp;Release</label> <br />
<label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="vendor">ベンダリリース</label> <br />
# <label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="custom">Custom&nbsp;Release</label> <br />
<label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="custom">カスタムリリース</label> <br />
<label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="nonus">non-US</label> <br />
<label> &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="nonfree">non-free</label>

# <p>Country you are in:
<select name="country">
  <: country_list('ccbefore') :>

# <p>Do you ship orders overseas:
<select name="shipping">
#   <option value="yes">yes
  <option value="yes">はい
#   <option value="no">no
  <option value="no">いいえ
#   <option value="some">some areas
  <option value="some">一部地域
#   <option value="europe">within Europe
  <option value="europe">欧州内

# <p>URL of a web page that has information about your Debian CDs:
<p>あなたの Debian CD についての情報のある Web ページの URL:
<input type="text" name="urldebcd" size="50"></p>

# <p>Email address for sales enquiries:
<input type="text" name="email" size="50"></p>

# <p>What architectures your CDs are for:
<p>あなたの CD の対応アーキテクチャ:
<table border="0"><tr><td>
# <label><input type=checkbox name=architectures value="ALL">&nbsp;<em>all of them</em></label><br />
<label><input type=checkbox name=architectures value="ALL">&nbsp;<em>これらすべて</em></label><br />
#include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/releases/$(TESTING)/release.data"
my $na = scalar keys %arches; $na = int($na / 3 + .5);
foreach my $a (sort keys %arches) {
  my $aname = $arches{$a}; $aname =~ s, ,\&nbsp\;,g;
  print "<br />\n" if ($i % $na == 0);
  print "<label><input type=checkbox name=architectures value=".$a.">&nbsp;".$aname."&nbsp;(".$a.")</label> &nbsp;\n";

# <td valign="top">Comment (<em>in English</em>):</td>
<td valign="top">コメント (<em>英語</em>):</td>
<td><textarea name="comment" cols=40 rows=7></textarea></td>

# <p>Note: ...</p>

<input type="submit" value="Submit">

# <p>Your listing should appear on the list within a week, as soon as
# a human operator verifies it and includes it. We might email you in
# case of any problems with the submitted entry.</p>