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[Debian JP Weekly Draft2] Debian JP News 1999/8/10 - 1999/8/16

Debian JP Weekly の Draft1 です。本日の夜 10 時すぎに Draft2
を -doc にポストします。ご指摘、ご用命は英文つきで私までお気軽にど
うぞ。URL は Draft2 でつけることにします。
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This is the recent news [8/10/1999 - 8/16/1999] from Debian JP Project.
The prefix below such as debian-users, debian-devel, debian-doc and jp-policy
indicates the ML on the debian.or.jp respectively.

* [jp-policy: 00010] Target of Debian JP Project
  Taketoshi Sano starts the discussion to identify the Debian JP
  project.  He think to set the "Social Contract of Debian JP" is
  necessary thing for the future Debian JP project.

* [debian-users:17385] Re: Wnn6 from TurboLinux 4 Package
  Hiromichi Kawachi posted the way to use Wnn6 on Debian.  In Japan,
  TurboLinux is the leading company as Linux commercial distribution.
  Therefore, major commercial software supports only Turbo platform.
  This mail describe the way to create Wnn6 package by using alien and
  some edit on install script.

* [debian-doc: 01176] DJDP translation table  (Re: Packaging Manual chap.3)
  Yoshizumi Endo posted the CVS repository of translation table.  We
  sometimes need to unify the Japanese words when we try to translate
  English matters.

* [debian-users:17392] How to Contribute Debian JP Weekly News
  Katsura Yoshio posted the document called "How to contribute Debian
  JP Weekly News" in Japanese.
  Debian JP Weekly Web page:
  This is just the copy of my local machine to my ISP's.  The
  debian.or.jp's URL should be announced soon.

* [debian-devel:10065] ITP: xjtext

---------- JP Merge Operation (continued) ---------
* [debian-devel:10066] [PATCH] X-TrueType support
  Mutsumi Ishikawa posted patch to apply X to support X-TrueType to
  True Type font support is serious interest for us, people using 2
  byte character language.  Because the cost to create new font is too
  high and only a few free font is available for now.

* [debian-devel:10068] Kinput2 in Debian 
  Kinput2 V3 is on Debian for now.  Thanks! 
  Kinput2 is kanji input server for X11.

* [debian-devel:10033] Re: Depenency Bugs in Debian Packages (long)
  Fumitoshi UKAI posted the summary of Dependency BUGs in Debian
  packages related to Debian JP merge packages.  Some advice is done:
  jgroff  optional -> extra
  manpages-ja shoud be optional
  How about watanabe-vfont rejected by copyright problem. vflib2 still
  depends on ti.
  semi1.12, wemi1.12 is on incoming also available from 
  deb http://www.debian.gr.jp/~kitame/debs/ ./

* [debian-devel:10048] Re: sdic-gene95/edict
  Takao Kawamura prepares sdic depends on Perl5 in Incoming on

  If you are haste to use it, it will be available from the below.

Thanks a lot for the below contribution from Debian JP project:
debian-doc news: Noriaki Matoi

-------until here ------

ではでは。 ---- Yours, K.S.Yoshio
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