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Translation Project and copyright disclaimer (Forward: Re: Uploaded ja-trans 0.3 (source all) to jp)

えーと、copyright disclaimer の話です。

 * プロのprogrammer が code を FSF に GPL で contribute する時に必要
 * プロの翻訳家が 翻訳を contribute する時に必要



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On Aug 26, Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp> wrote:
 >Ah, I don't know much about it, but I've heard that translators want to
 >publish it under GPL, but official translation project want them to
 >get written permission from their employer before they work in order 
 >to prevent future claims from their employer about thier works.
The disclaimer is needed ONLY for programs copyrighted by the FSF.
A disclaimer signed by the employer is only needed by professional
If the ja team does not agree you should write to Francois Pinard, the
head of the translation project.

Marco (coordinator of the italian team)

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