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Re: please translate license of JBibTeX


In article <199911071601.BAA03779@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Hiroshi KISE <fuyuneko@xxxxxxxxxxxx> さん writes:

> From: Seiji Kaneko <skaneko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: please translate license of JBibTeX
> Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 10:41:59 +0900

> > However, as for style files included in this distribution, redistribution
> > of modified versions with the same name is prohibited. You must change the
> > name of style file if you want to redistribute your version.
> > This restriction is to recognize bugs in originals from errors
> > introduced by modifications.
> 英文のほうでは「禁止」がはっきりしてますね。
> ところで、最後の文が気になります。「オリジナルのバグ」と「改変によって
> 入った間違い」を“from”でつなげてるところがよくわかりません。

 distinguish A from B と似た感じで recognize A from B となるのかな。