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squidguard po-debconf訳


 squidguard の po-debconf訳です。

 ・With the breakout of individual blacklist section packages 
    the time it takes for each package to rebuild will be extensive. 

#. Description
#: ../squidguard.templates:3
msgid "Squidguard now uses DB4.1. Rebuild your blacklist databases."
msgstr "Squidguard は DB4.1 を使うようになりました。"

#. Description
#: ../squidguard.templates:3
msgid ""
"You need to make sure that you rebuild all your Squidguard blacklists "
"otherwise Squidguard and ultimatly Squid may not function properly.  By "
"default any blacklists listed in /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf will be rebuilt."
msgstr " すべての Squidguard ブラックリストの再構築を確認する必要があります。"
"そうしない限り、Squidguard、および最終的には Squid が正しく動作しないかもしれません。"
"標準では /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf にあるすべてのブラックリストが再構築されます。"

#. Description
#: ../squidguard.templates:12
msgid "Rebuild Squidguard blacklist database during postinst?"
msgstr "postinst の実行中に Squidguard のブラックリストデータベースを再構築しますか?"

#. Description
#: ../squidguard.templates:12
msgid ""
"Rebuilding the blacklist databases is time consuming and under some "
"circumstances could cause problems.  With the breakout of individual "
"blacklist section packages the time it takes for each package to rebuild "
"will be extensive.  Also it may not be desireable to rebuild these databases "
"on production servers.  You can manually perform a rebuild by running /usr/"
msgstr "ブラックリストデータベースの再構築は時間がかかり、特定の状況下では"


"/usr/sbin/update-squidguard を実行する事で手動で再構築できます。"


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