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po 訳: gdm3

 gdm がようやく 2.30 になるようです。debian パッケージ分での差分の po を

#: ../default.desktop.in.h:1
msgid "System Default"
msgstr "システムのデフォルト"

#: ../default.desktop.in.h:2
msgid "The default session on the system"
msgstr "このシステムでのデフォルトセッション"

#: ../patches/11_xephyr_nested.patch:684
msgid "Run gdm in a nested window"
msgstr "gdm を入れ子にしたウィンドウで動作させる"

#: ../patches/11_xephyr_nested.patch:685
msgid "Don't lock the screen on the current display"
msgstr "現在のディスプレイでは画面をロックしない"

#. Translators: Label for choosing which user to log in as. '%s' is replaced with an input field.
#: ../patches/13_gdmsetup.patch:360
#, c-format
msgid "Log in as %s automatically"
msgstr "%s として自動的にログインする"

#. Translators: Label for choosing the login delay. '%s' is replaced with an input field.
#: ../patches/13_gdmsetup.patch:362
#, c-format
msgid "Allow %s seconds for anyone else to log in first"
msgstr "%s 秒の間、ログインユーザの選択を待つ"

#: ../patches/13_gdmsetup_ui.patch.h:1
msgid "<b>When the computer starts up</b>"
msgstr "<b>コンピュータの起動時</b>"

#. Title of login screen settings dialog
#: ../patches/13_gdmsetup_ui.patch.h:3
msgid "Login Screen Settings"
msgstr "ログイン画面の設定"

#. Radio option to set login screen to prompt for user
#: ../patches/13_gdmsetup_ui.patch.h:5
msgid "_Show the screen for choosing who will log in"
msgstr "ログインユーザの選択画面を表示する(_S)"

#: ../patches/13_gdmsetup_desktop.patch.h:1
msgid "Configure login screen behavior"
msgstr "ログイン画面の動作を設定する"

#: ../patches/13_gdmsetup_desktop.patch.h:2
msgid "Login Screen"
msgstr "ログイン画面"