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[debian-users:12862] Re: Can't work installer in Debian GNU/Linux 2.0


 Yosuke KURATA <citrous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> さんは
   Subject: [debian-users:12860] Re: Can't work installer in Debian GNU/Linux 2.0
   Message-ID: <199902141611.AA00469@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>> 倉田です。

>>  とりあえず、今は気になっているmd driverとやらがなんなのかを知りたいと思っ
>> てWeb中に検索をかけております。

 kernel のことは kernel に聞け。じゃないですが、kernel のドライバで不
明なことがあったら、まず、kernel source のドキュメントをあたるのがいい

 で、md driver はこれのはず。

----- ここから
  This driver lets you combine several hard disk partitions into one
  logical block device. This can be used to simply append one
  partition to another one or to combine several redundant
  hard disks to a RAID1/4/5 device so as to provide protection against
  hard disk failures. This is called "Software RAID" since the
  combining of the partitions is done by the kernel. "Hardware RAID"
  means that the combining is done by a dedicated controller; if you
  have such a controller, you do not need to say Y here.

  More information about Software RAID on Linux is contained in the
  Software-RAID mini-HOWTO, available via FTP (user: anonymous) from
  ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/mini. There you will also
  learn where to get the supporting user space utilities raidtools.

  If unsure, say N.
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